My Country Farmhouse – Guest Bedroom #1


Pink carpet and trim, and green floral wall paper. The room has a very large closet and an equally large linen closet.  Underneath the pink carpet was 70’s brown patterned carpet and under that was an even earlier (20’s – 30’s) vinyl.  And finally under that was wide pine plank.  The planks are in good shape with no real damage except the edges are painted to make it look like the vinyl was wall to wall… it wasn’t. Under the green floral wall paper was green paint. This was by far the easiest room to strip.  The paper backing came off all at once.  With help from my family this room was ready to be washed, plastered and painted in only an hour.


I painted all three bedrooms with Bearded Gray and the trim Snowbound white (reusing it from previous rooms) I also spray painted the linen closet knobs black.  This bedroom is only accessible by walking through the middle bedroom so I wanted to keep the colour scheme the same.


And now the best part, decorating! I had the art from my previous apartment and knew I would be putting them up. The art was painted by a coworker of my mother’s over 15 years ago.  I had won the set at a silent auction fundraiser for $70 about 10 years ago.

The dresser was from Kijiji in Belleville for $60.00.  It was already white when I bought it.  The marble side table was $20.00 from an antique store in a small town by Aberfoyle. From Wayfair I purchased the bed sheets ($19.99), throw blanket ($24.99), curtains ($50) and headboard ($135).  Since this is a guest room I purchased a laundry hamper from Value village for $5.00 and a towel rack from Homesense for $19.99.  Guests like to have a place of their own to put personal items.

Left in the house was the small shelving unit. Solid wood but pretty old and ugly I painted it a soft blue.  This paint was left over from the mid century side table in the sun room.


I spray painted the base of the marble table black to help ground the room.   The wood bench side table was from the St. Jacobs antique market for $38. The teak birds were from Around the Block Antiques in Toronto for $10.  The coat rack, faux plants and lamps were from Homesense adding up to $75.


This room is bright and airy.  And when company is over it’s warm and inviting with plenty of storage.  The next bedroom is the middle guest room.  A bit more elegant it has the same warmth and charm.

My Country Farmhouse – The Living Room

The living room  was once a formal sitting room with beautiful antique chairs, settee, lamps and artwork (no tv).  Cream vertical stripped wall paper with matching trim and brown carpet.  Lace curtains and thick drapes cover the 3′ by 5′ window with an old school roller shade (you know the kind you pull down quick and release in hopes that it goes up again).



A bit too formal for myself I decided to go for a more ‘rustic throw your feet up while you watch some tv’ look.  Wall paper was the 2nd thing to go (carpet was the first to go Sept 2016).  About 12 – 16 hours of stripping, plastering, sanding, priming and painting later and the walls were done.  As of right now I am still not 100% sure about the QC 12 Sherwin Willams SW 7004 Snowbound white on the walls.  But for now it will do.  All of the natural wood and colour really seems to pop on the white but it is pretty stark.   I also removed the drapes and roller shade which helped to brighten up the darkest room in the house.


The built in cabinet was the first thing I painted in the living room.  I was the smallest project between stripping and plastering and priming and painting.


I spray painted the knobs and brackets black and replaced the old shelves with some reclaimed wood shelves and voila! The  cabinet was complete.  On to the priming and painting.

The walls were the best shape I’d seen so far in the house.  So the painting went smoothly.  I had picked a massive tv stand online for free.  Now that I was moving in another direction it really had to go.  So I sold it for $50 (why not make a profit if you can – every dollar helps).  The money was used to build a new stand.  I decided to use lumber and steel pipes for a rustic look.  The shelves are 12″ x 68″ and the legs are 12″ steel pipes plus the height of the flanges.  Total cost about $80.  And it’s exactly what I wanted but couldn’t find.  If you’re handy you can do this project pretty easily.  On amazon I bought some floating shelf brackets. You mount them to the wall, drill the holes in the back of the lumber, mount the lumber onto the brackets and that’s it.  You could also use L brackets for support but I didn’t want to see the hardware. Also have your lumber cut to size at the home hardware store – time saver.



Another fun project was adding legs to the old trunk and turning it into the coffee table.  The trunk was purchased at the Pickering Roadshow Antiques for $40. The set of 4 legs in 6″ cost about $20.  Just line them up and screw them on.  The project took less than 30 minutes. Resized_20160821_131146.jpg

I did use the couch that came with the house for the first 6 months.  It was older… floral.. didn’t match anything.  I also purchased two antique matching chairs from the Collection Co. in Campbellford for $100.  Also floral and not matching.  One morning I decided to drive out to belleville to look around.  I stopped in at The Brick.  I’ve been a big fan of their Canadian Made line.  My first couch at my apartment is from that line.  One of the most comfortable couches I’ve sat on. While I was walking around i happened to notice a floor model couch. Dark brown, soft, great style and on for $648. After speaking to the sales associate she mentioned that the couch was a special order and the people who ordered it felt the fabric was to dark and shipped it right back to the store.  Regular around $999 on the floor for $648 she knocked off another $50.  Beautiful, comfy and almost 50% off = sold.


The next items I would buy are from  If youre willing to read the specifications and measurements and sort through thousands of pages you might find some great deals.  For under the window, a Joanne chaise Lounge $298 (because why not!), an Arquer 66″ copper floor lamp $125, and a grey arm chair $350.  I would suggest a budget when you start to plan out each room.  The living room had $1500 budget for the furniture and decor.  The side tables are old and not the correct style, as are the lamps.  Until I find the ones I like I’ll keep them and then sell them and get new ones. The art next to the tv was from a little local antique place outside Belleville.  The pair cost $15.  The brown leather footstool was from Value Village for $5. Faux plants were $25.  Small marble side table was $20 (don’t rember where I bought it).  Art behind the armchair was from Homesense and the pair ran just under $40.  The 3 black and white ink drawings were found at a garage sale for $10.


You can find hundreds of really cool ideas online.  My next favorite project was the steel pipe ladder.  A bit more costly at $100 it really looks cool.  You would have to measure the space your putting it in to figure out the correct pipe sizes both vertical and horizontal.  It was also difficult the assemble some pieces – I really had to work for it.


For now the living room is comfortable and cozy.  I’ll keep searching for art to go behind the couch, side tables and lamps. I’ve purchased and returned about 12 pieces so far… this is a tricky one. When I do get the living room done I will be posting the final pictures.  Until then, off to the next room.


My Country Farmhouse – The Dining Room


Coming in from the foyer brings you into the formal dining room. Cream wall paper, the brown carpet, a crystal chandelier and two large windows one on either side of the room.  One thing was for certain, I wanted wainscoting.  I chose the same bead board as the kitchen with a slimmer profile trim.  A little more elegant.


I began to remove the layers of wallpaper, washed, plastered, sanded, primed and painted a wall at a time.  I chose a soft paint colour that would also complement the grey in the kitchen. I had the wainscoting cut at lowes, purchased the trim and cut it with my mitre box and saw. I chose Benjamin Moore Gobi Desert 2110-50 for this room in a soft rose to go above the trim. The wainscoting was painted with the same  Sherwin Williams QC 12 Snowbound SW 7004 used in the powder room, sunroom and kitchen.  In only a couple weekends the walls were done and it would be time to decorate.


During the month of July 2016 before the house closed I did a Trade for a dining room table set.  It came with 6 chairs.  The wood was dark and the fabric on the chair seats was mismatched and ugly. Some chairs had two layers of fabric on them. I removed the chair bottoms and spent two days sanding the chairs and table legs down.  I primed and painted them all white. Once that was complete I went to fabricland and purchased new green fabric and some new chair padding.  It took about 3 hours to redo the chair seats.  Once the chairs were dry I reattached the bottoms to the frames.  The cost to redo the dining table was approximately $75. I reused the primer and paint from the kitchen and sunroom.


I went to the St. Jacobs antique market and found a heavy gold mirror that I instantly fell in love with.  It was $70.00. Later on I went to Homesense and found floral oil painting that had the perfect colouring for the dining room. It was $39.00.


Over the months I’ve struggled with the overall look and feel in the dining room.  I decided that the dining table I had was just not big enough for the space.  I sourced some steel U shaped legs online made and shipped from a Canadian company and purchased the wood and hardware for the table top from The Home Depot.  I sold the old table for $100.00 and used the money towards the new tables material. The legs with shipping came to $120.00 and the wood and hardware $30.00.  I’ve kept the old chairs but will eventually change them out to a black wood frame chair.  To darken the wood I used a coffee stain… it was an easy process but I’m not in love with the finish.  In the summer I’m considering using a dark walnut stain and clear coat finish.


I realized the gold mirror just didn’t work in the room anymore having a more farmhouse style table.  I purchased two oil paintings from Homesense and kept the one I liked best and returned the other  (Take advantage of return policies – choose multiple items, try them out and return for a full refund) I do this a lot. Under the new painting is a homemade buffet. The wood is from a salvage yard in Trent Hills. The total cost was $70.00.  They even cut it to size for me.  I used steel piping for the legs and supports, they were about $55.00.  I used black spray paint on the pipes, measured and mounted the hardware in about an hour.  The decor on the buffet is a plant from my garden in a milk glass planter, vintage wood box from the Meyersberg Flea Market – $15, and off I found some wine glass mounts for $18 – free shipping!


Just this afternoon I mounted a steel pipe curtain rod and some white curtains. The rod cost just under $20 for material and the curtains were $34.99 for the pair.


The total cost for the dining room is just under $700.00.  And because I’ve been selling the items I’m not keeping the cost hasn’t been going up.  This includes all primer, paint, wainscoting and supplies, decor and furniture.  The only thing that will increase the budget will be the new farmhouse chairs but I will be selling the old ones to help with the cost.


My Country Farmhouse – The Kitchen

This was (and still is) the longest room of the house to renovate when you’re doing it alone.   As soon as I finished the sunroom I moved right into the kitchen. In order to keep my sanity I did one wall at a time and one projet at a time.  Each wall would take approximately 8 hours to strip wall paper, wash, plaster, prime and paint. I began with the wood panel closet. I primed and painted it white and the doors a tan colour. It didn’t match anything in the kitchen at this point and it was the least appealing place to look at so it was the first to change but later painted it grey and white to match the final product.

Next I began to prep the cabinets to paint.  To wash, sand, prime and paint this task took a whole weekend.  Once the fresh coat of white paint on the cabinets was totally dry I covered them with a hardening wax. I reused the original hardware since it goes with the country kitchen theme.

The kitchen took from October 2016 to about February 2017 to complete… maybe even a bit later.  It took several weekends to complete the walls. The biggest suprise was under the wall paper. As it came off I uncovered a 6″ by 6″ hole in the wall which I believe had been for some original pipes before the kitchen was modernized. Since the kitchen had an exsisting chair rail I felt that the walls could use some wainscoting (which will also hide the hole in the wall) I purchased bead board and some trim and created a newer fresher look in the kitchen.  I kept the wainscoting white and painted the walls a softer grey.

I measured the walls for the wainscoting and had the materials cut to size at Lowes. They have a wood cutting section at most locations. I purchased a mitre box and hand saw for the trim which is super inexpensive and easy to do. Make sure to measure at least three times before you go to get the wood cut or decide to do it on your own. You can also rent a nail gun and compresor from your local home hardware store if you don’t have one or wish to purchase one.


To balance out the look of the room. I decided to invest in two new cabinets to flank either side of the stove.  Orginally the stove was against the closet and there was a cabinet in between the stove and fridge. The cabinets did not come with a counter so I improvised and grabbed slab of solid wood, had it cut to size at Lowes, purchased some edging, stain and sealer and made one myself.  The cabinets cost approximately $215.  And for the supplies to build the counter top it was roughly $25.  This is the biggest investment in the kitchen to date. But the end result was well worth it.

Decorating the kitchen was a lot of fun! I did a hand drawn picture of how I wanted it to turn out before I strated to collect and buy things.  I also looked through what I already had to see what I could reuse.


The inspiration was from a print that I was given that was found on the side of the road. The only thing I changed was the colour of the frame using black spray paint.

Resized_20171228_104919 Resized_20170225_174504

To the right of the picture I hung a metal rack that has a bar and hooks to hang things off of. Above that two salvaged pieces of wood from my barn with L brackets I purchased and spray painted black. I purchased some old glass and metal jars from St. Jacobs antiques (they have the best prices for antiques that I’ve seen any where in ontario).  The copper tin set was from the Meyersberg Flea Market for $5.00 – couldn’t refuse that price.

I want to do a white subway tile behind the stove and fridge and on the wall behind the sink, but for now I will wait.  The tile behind the sink now is in excellent shape.  I will wait and do it at the same time as the counter tops (also in great shape). I continued making smaller shelves with the barn wood and L brackets for the stovery wall.  These shelves house some of my most used items in the kitchen. Spices, rice, popcorn kernels ect.. a couple plants on the upper shelves and top of the fridge to liven up the space. At Homesense I found a blue wall mount planter.  I quickly realized it would be the perfect utensil dish and wouldn’t take up any counter space.  I also purchased two adorable tins for dog treats and dog food.

Final touches included an old farm house table for $60 from the Meyersberg Flea Market. The only thing I did was add Castors to the legs to raise it up another inch.  A set of placemats from the dollarama and a lavender plant from Homesense.

While cleaning out the basement I found an old EXIT sign wedged in between some papers.  It was apparently from an old coaches office. I hung it over the basement door for a bit of fun! And that was it.


So far the cost of the kitchen is about $700.00. I will eventually want a new counter and back splash which will drive the cost up significantly.  As you can see the reno is night and day. And I’m absolutely in love with it.


My Country Farmhouse – First Christmas

I was pretty excited to host my very first Christmas dinner with my family.  A little imtimidated by the size of the house I put up some pretty basic decorations. On the exterior of the house, lights and garland. On the door a homemade wreath.


The wreath cost less than $10.00 to make. All the material was purchased from the Christmas section in the Belleville Bibles for Missions. The wreath was purchased with no flowers or decorations on it. The flowers were sold in a bunch which I chopped apart to spread out evenly through out. The flower stems are wires so I was able just twist them in to the wreath. Voila! A wreath that’ll last many years to come.

A dream of mine since I was young was to have a big front window to put my tree in front of. And this house has it. I put the tree up December 1st and kept it up in to the new year (2017).


My niece and nephew were very happy that Santa knew where to find them.


Since we are celebrating Christmas in Toronto this year I decided to put up very little decorations this year. The exterior is all decked out of course. There is nothing more beautiful at this time of the year than the Christmas lights around the neighbourhoods. Each house creative and unique.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

My Country Farmhouse – The powder room and sunroom

From one tiny room to the next.  I started the powder room and sunroom renovation in October 2016. I did them both at the same time since they were both covered in cedar wall paneling which would require a full prime followed by paint.  Because the powder room is directly off the sun room I kept the paint colour very neutral, QC 12 Sherwin Williams Snowbound 2110-50 white. This colour would also carry in to the sunroom.

I did the two rooms over the weekend – which is basically  the only time I have to do any renovations working full-time in a different city.  I taped the floor so I could paint the trim out.  There is a collapsible  brown door to the closet in the powder room (that is pretty ugly) that I kept but later hid it behind a curtain.  The medicine cabinet, toilet paper holder and towel rod, light fixture, and garbage can remained from the previous owners. —You will soon see that the previous owners were incredible people and they left many items for me since this was my very first house.  They also invited me to their garage sales over the summer prior to the house closing date to purchase items I needed or felt should be left in the house that they were unable to keep—


The gold curtain was found by my mother at a garage sale, the pair cost $10.00.  She thought I could do something handy with them. Turns out, she was right! The oil painting hanging up over the toilet in the powder room was from The One Of A Kind Antiques and Collectables store in Woodstock Ontario.  I have only been there a few of times but it is definetly in my top 10 for Antique stores in Ontario.  It was on clearance for $15.00.  You can’t beat that price! I hung a $10.00 glass shelf next to the toilet to put a box of tissues on and the room was complete. Overall powder room cost of $25.00 (cost of paint and supplies added to the sunroom total).

The sunroom wasn’t a difficult project.  A coat of primer and a couple coats of white paint.  Several hours later and it was completely transformed. A huge change from cedar wood paneling to white washed walls. The room aged backwards 20 years. The cream ceramic tiles are in great shape so I left them.  Also neutral they worked with the white paint.  The ceiling fan also still works so I left that as well. Keeping my overall cost down.

I hung curtains I removed from the living room over the windows and put the blinds back up to keep the direct sunlight out in the summer.  Decorating this room was simple. A wooden shoe rack (free), a wood coat rack for $9.99, and a key rack for $1.99 all serve as the entry way in to the sunroom.  I wanted a day bed for company and to enjoy laying and reading in and I found one at a garage sale for $40.00.  I only had to buy the slats (additional $20).

I found a print of a woman making a bouquet of flowers for $10.00 at the Belleville Missions for Bibles second hand store.  As a gift I was given a beautiful print of hummingbirds (my favorite bird) and took the water colour of the house (given to ne to keep with the house) from the kitchen and moved it to the sunroom.  I found two round white wall sconce lights at Homesense for $39.99 each and hung them on either side of the bed over the two small side tables I was given (which I painted a soft blue) for the room.

I made a plant stand with some supplies I had lying around.  The only cost was for the piping used as the legs and black spray paint.  The stand was about $25.00 to make.

Resized_20171116_130108 Resized_20170326_190037

When I first renovated the sunroom I had rescued all the gold fish from the pond before it froze over and purchased a tank to put them in. Having a hard time finding a table I liked for them to go on, I ended up making one.  I found old floor boards in the barn which I would turn in to the table top and an old sewing machine base from the Myersburg Flea Market for $40.00. In less than an hour I had a table I liked for the price of the legs.

The grand total for the sunroom and powder room was just under $460. This includes a new matress $89.00, bedding $20.00, the bed frame and slats $60, artwork and decor $35.00, curtains $10.00, lighting $80.00, paint and supplies $100.00, and the fish tank table $40.00.


My Country Farmhouse – The foyer

I’ve always been a firm believer that your main entrance sets the tone for the rest of your house. Because of this belief the only logical place to start the renovation was in the foyer. The foyer is a small room approximately 4 foot by 4 foot. Which also means it should take the least amount of time to complete. It had the same brown shag carpet as the living and dining room. It had an irredescent wall paper and the original layer cake chandelier.

Original foyer – prior to moving in


I began by removing the carpet to see what condition the wood was in underneath. It was painted in a deep red around the edges and left natural in the middle. I decided that I would lay new flooring over top to prevent damage from wet boots and shoes. I went with a wood laminate. Super easy to install you just cut them to size with and exacto knife and ruler and click the pieces together. This project only took about an hour to do and the cost was approximately $120 (I purchased two boxes of flooring so I can remove and replace damaged boards over the years).  I added some quarter round to the floor to give it a polished look (1/4 round was less than a couple bucks).

The next project was to remove the wall paper. A daunting task if you’ve never done it.  The previous owners left the steam machine (wall paper remover) with the property.  Which meant I did not have to buy one.  Simply fill it with water and steam away. It took about 2 hours to have the walls stripped and washed.  Under the wall paper was bead board and in decent shape.  I decided the best idea was to prime the walls to make them even and to avoid any bleeding from the wood.  I went with a light grey that compliments the wood laminate flooring. To finish off the foyer I did a fresh coat of white paint on the trim and the door frame.

Decorating is the fun part. I love to find good bargains at antique and second hand stores.  The white metal coat rack was from a garage sale in the summer for $2.00.  The umbrella holder was from an antique store in Campbellford called The Collection Co. for $25.  The white metal mirror was from the Cobourg Habitat for Humanity for $10.00 and the wood shelving unit was from the Myersburg Flea Market on County Road 30 for $5.00. The curtains and the floor mat remain from the previous owner as they were in great shape.  The small decorations (Plant, Letter M and tray) were all from Homesense and ranged from $7.99 – $19.99.  I did a trade for a set of books which only cost me a small bag of chips to help fill up the shelf.

In total, the foyer only cost about $180.00. Considering the entire foyer had to be done from top to bottom and that I reused the paint and primer in the Kitchen this wasn’t to costly.

The next renovation will be the Powder room and sunroom. Stay tuned.