My Country Farmhouse – The powder room and sunroom

From one tiny room to the next.  I started the powder room and sunroom renovation in October 2016. I did them both at the same time since they were both covered in cedar wall paneling which would require a full prime followed by paint.  Because the powder room is directly off the sun room I kept the paint colour very neutral, QC 12 Sherwin Williams Snowbound 2110-50 white. This colour would also carry in to the sunroom.

I did the two rooms over the weekend – which is basically  the only time I have to do any renovations working full-time in a different city.  I taped the floor so I could paint the trim out.  There is a collapsible  brown door to the closet in the powder room (that is pretty ugly) that I kept but later hid it behind a curtain.  The medicine cabinet, toilet paper holder and towel rod, light fixture, and garbage can remained from the previous owners. —You will soon see that the previous owners were incredible people and they left many items for me since this was my very first house.  They also invited me to their garage sales over the summer prior to the house closing date to purchase items I needed or felt should be left in the house that they were unable to keep—


The gold curtain was found by my mother at a garage sale, the pair cost $10.00.  She thought I could do something handy with them. Turns out, she was right! The oil painting hanging up over the toilet in the powder room was from The One Of A Kind Antiques and Collectables store in Woodstock Ontario.  I have only been there a few of times but it is definetly in my top 10 for Antique stores in Ontario.  It was on clearance for $15.00.  You can’t beat that price! I hung a $10.00 glass shelf next to the toilet to put a box of tissues on and the room was complete. Overall powder room cost of $25.00 (cost of paint and supplies added to the sunroom total).

The sunroom wasn’t a difficult project.  A coat of primer and a couple coats of white paint.  Several hours later and it was completely transformed. A huge change from cedar wood paneling to white washed walls. The room aged backwards 20 years. The cream ceramic tiles are in great shape so I left them.  Also neutral they worked with the white paint.  The ceiling fan also still works so I left that as well. Keeping my overall cost down.

I hung curtains I removed from the living room over the windows and put the blinds back up to keep the direct sunlight out in the summer.  Decorating this room was simple. A wooden shoe rack (free), a wood coat rack for $9.99, and a key rack for $1.99 all serve as the entry way in to the sunroom.  I wanted a day bed for company and to enjoy laying and reading in and I found one at a garage sale for $40.00.  I only had to buy the slats (additional $20).

I found a print of a woman making a bouquet of flowers for $10.00 at the Belleville Missions for Bibles second hand store.  As a gift I was given a beautiful print of hummingbirds (my favorite bird) and took the water colour of the house (given to me to keep with the house) from the kitchen and moved it to the sunroom.  I found two round white wall sconce lights at Homesense for $39.99 each and hung them on either side of the bed over the two small side tables I was given (which I painted a soft blue) for the room.

I made a plant stand with some supplies I had lying around.  The only cost was for the piping used as the legs and black spray paint.  The stand was about $25.00 to make.

Resized_20171116_130108 Resized_20170326_190037

When I first renovated the sunroom I had rescued all the gold fish from the pond before it froze over and purchased a tank to put them in. Having a hard time finding a table I liked for them to go on, I ended up making one.  I found old floor boards in the barn which I would turn in to the table top and an old sewing machine base from the Myersburg Flea Market for $40.00. In less than an hour I had a table I liked for the price of the legs.

The grand total for the sunroom and powder room was just under $460. This includes a new matress $89.00, bedding $20.00, the bed frame and slats $60, artwork and decor $35.00, curtains $10.00, lighting $80.00, paint and supplies $100.00, and the fish tank table $40.00.


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