My Country Farmhouse – Guest Bedroom #2

What was a sitting room with 3 tall book cases and a tv is now a guest bedroom with a pair of twin size farmhouse beds.  This room had shag brown carpet and wallpaper with a boarder.  When the art came off the wall there was a 3″ hole that was unsightly.  It has the original charm of 8″ trim, cast iron door hardware and marble knobs as well as the wood door stop (that I refinished with gold paint).

The wall paper was the first to go. It took about 6 hours to strip the entire room and clean the walls.  Under the wall paper — bright pink paint.  Once that was done I went to get the patch for the hole and some more plaster at the hardware store.  When that was done (dry) I got the primer started.  The Bearded Gray was always going to go on to the walls.  To get to the main guest bedroom you have to pass through this one.  So to keep the rooms balanced the walls and trim would be the same.

Taking the carpet out was a quick project, less than half hour.  The floors underneath are a vinyl from the 60’s or 70’s.  Until I decide what flooring to is going in the vinyl will stay.


With all the walls painted and the floors cleaned it was time to figure out the decor. At a garage sale I found a pair of gold curtain pulls.  It was obvious I would have gold accents in this room.  The dresser was from a trade on the Bunz trading zone.  I got it for free.  It was red and the hardware was broken.  For less than $25 I got paint and new gold hardware to spruce it up.  I got an identical laundry hamper from Value Village for $5 to match the main guest bedroom.  For $10 at the Aberfoyle Antique Market I got a gold towel rack and the mirror on the dresser was free from a belleville classified.

The beds were purchased on and cost $495.  Super easy to assemble as well. The black curtains and curtain rod were from Homesense and came to $65.  The art on the walls and faux plants were also from Homesense and all came to about $100.  The lamps in the pictue were used until I brought the lamps from my apartment to the house.


The night stand between the beds was originally the little bench now in the main guest bedroom.  The new side table is now a steel pipe and live edge slab (made by me).  The wood slab was purchased at the Meyersberg Flea Market for $40 and the steel pipes from Lowes for $25.  I sanded the wood down to make it less rough and added a clear coat sealer so the wood wouldn’t get damaged.


Here are the final touches in the room. The only thing left to do is the floors.  The master bedroom is the next room renovation –  a work in progress still.  This one has many diy projects to show you.


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