My Country Farmhouse – A new life for second hand items

I love a good deal.  And I’m no stranger to second hand and antique stores.  Most older furniture is solid wood and may have some beautiful hardware unlike anything you can find nowadays. If I’m not at a second hand or antique store I’ll be in the clearance section of a nice store or an estate sale  – why pay full price for things when you don’t have to.

Here are some of the things I’ve purchased over the years that I’ve given new life too:


These side tables were purchased from my favorite little local antique store (closed for business 2016). My mom and dad bought an oak bedroom set when I was 12 years old and many years later they gave the tables to me.  In the past 10 years they have been painted black and now they are a creamy off white.


This is the perfect little entrance table. At a cost of only $15 it was one of my cheapest deals.  I painted the legs with a sample can of paint for only 5 bucks. And that was that! The brown drawers on the table were from a set sale for $5.00.


Found on the side of the road, this dresser had so much potential. It’s a solid wood piece made in Quebec. A quick sand and a small can of paint and it had new life.  The original hardware was missing so I picked new silver pulls to modernize the piece.


You can never get enough storage.  This coffee table has two huge drawers and a shelf and with a price tag of only $20 it was a great deal. It was SO ugly.  I decided to use the leftover white paint to give it new life.


Here’s a steal of a deal – Homesenses clearance section can be really kind to you around Christmas time.  The wood slab weighing about 80 lbs was originally $350. It was a cutting board that some oil spilled on to and it went to the clearance rack for $50. The base was just down the aisle on clearance after the bar stool seat broke off and only cost $15.  A measuring tape, screws and a drill and voila! A rustic bistro table.


Many years back I went to my first Estate sale auction.  I fell in love with two items,the lead crystal lamp pictured and a vintage crystal clutch.  And I still have both.  The lamp was $40. It looks so pretty turned on.

My entire bedroom is Secondhand items. From Kijiji, antique stores, auctions to movie set sales and trade sites.  Nothing in these pictures was purchased at regular price. They all had a bit of negotiating done for them.

These final few items have been given a 2nd home in my livingroom. A bed side table turned tv stand, a reclaimed wood shelf and an old wooden mirror.

If you are thinking of redecorating try visiting a second hand or antique store.  You never know what you will find but I’m sure you’ll love it and save money on it!

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