My Country Farmhouse – The Garden

One of the biggest selling points for this century old house was the yard.  The curb appeal was stunning when I viewed the house for the first time.  Annuals and perennials form the perimeter of the yard.  Lilac bushes serve as the privacy fencing from the properties next door.  There’s a Crab apple and Macintosh tree with hundreds of apples to pick and eat (or for your neighbour to make you pies with – thanks Dave!).

In the backyard a concrete patio going up the house that is curved and a stone patio for the table set to go on by the barn.  There is small herb and tomato garden that has mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil.  And nestled under the trees a pond with fish and frogs.

As February 2017 was a really warm month (very rare that it isn’t -18 degrees) I noticed many plants coming to life.  There were tulips all over the place in every colour which made summer feel that much closer. The Hostas were coming to life and growing everyday it seemed some were over 3 feet round.  And in so many varieties.


As the weather was getting warmer each and everyday I started to take note of the birds and wildlife. Bluejays, cardinals,  chickadees, wood peckers, sap suckers, pigeons, doves, bunny rabbits, frogs, foxes, coyotes and more.  I made sure to keep my bird feeders full and hung a bird house for tiny birds.

Just before winter 2016/2017 I transferred some plants indoors to the sunroom. I purchased the pots from Mission for Bibles second hand store and the Dollarama. Rosemary, Mint and African violets – and they are still alive and thriving to date.


As the months went by the flowers continued to bloom:

It takes quite a bit of time to maintain such a beautiful garden.  Making sure you have all the proper tools is a must.  The shrubs and bushes grow every year so a quick trim is a must to keep them looking nice.  With spring so close I am getting pretty excited knowing that soon enough I will wake up and this will be my view.


Happy almost spring!





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