My Country Farmhouse – My City Country Dog

When I would hear old stories about growing up on the farm there was always a dog or two in it.  I grew up as a city girl with a strong passion for being out in nature.  Swimming, sports, fishing, walking, hiking, mud sliding were just a few fun past times.  When I was about 6 years old my family purchased a trailer in a park that was full of children my age.   On weekends and summer vacations we would head up north (Bobcaygeon, Ontario) and spend from sun up to sun down running around playing.  The only time we spent indoors was for lunch, dinner and sleeping.

We had hours of freedom to be creative and be outdoors. We had a 12″ black and white tube tv for rainy days that had two channels. Parents wouldn’t worry about us running free as long as we didn’t leave the trailer park.  We played in forests and swam for 8 hours a day (even when it rained) to fill our time.  Man hunt was one of the biggest games at the time (90’s) 25 kids having the time of their lives.

Being outside makes you feel alive.  Fresh air and sunlight (good ol’ vitamin D). We rolled in dirt and kissed frogs and fish because we felt like it! We caught crawdads and minows and we rowed paddle boats to islands and ate the crab apples off the trees.  This is what every child needs – freedom to experience nature.

I’ve had dogs for a good portion of my life.  They love sunshine and water and smelling the flowers.  When I purchased my house I didn’t think about how it would change my 7lb Chihuahuas life.  That’s right, 7lbs. Hardly a farm dog.  She hates rain and snow and spends from December to March indoors hiding from the cold wearing coats and sweaters.

During summer and the warm spring and fall days we would go for nice long walks to dog parks and to local farmers markets.  She loves to smell everything and everyone around.  In September 2016 when I purchased my house it was still warm enough to spend hours outdoors. Walking, running, sitting on the front porch or in the backyard. She enjoyed every minute of it.  So much so that she really started to ask to go outdoors more.  She would pick a place in the yard to sun bathe or hide in my tomatoes and eat them off the vines.

When we are at the house she is a happier version of herself.  She wants to be in nature. To watch the birds and rabbits.  To spend time in the yard running around digging up and eating the birds grubs. She’s so happy there that when we come back to the city (Toronto) she’s unhappy and shows it by moping around and barking at me.  She knows I have to work and she’ll be at home waiting for me.

Buying a house in the country was for me. To relax and unwind. To experience nature, garden, bike, and do all the things you do in a small town.  I had never considered how it would actually change the life of my little 7lb chihuahua, Chaya.



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