My Country Farmhouse – The Sentimental

At some point or another we inherit items from loved ones. Some times these items are new and some times these items are old.  Some are heirlooms that are passed down through the years or from generation to generation. Some have significant meaning and some times you get some things you probably didn’t expect and may not know what to do with.

Here are some of my favorite items I’ve inherited or collected over the years that I have on display:

1 – Black and white family photos – These pictures tell a story of your history even though they may not be of you. They tell of a time you may not have gotten to experience but in some way you are tied to. Old cars, carriage rides with bottles of wine, your parents as children, aunts and cousins.


2 – Love letters between my great grandmother and great grandfather from the 1930s/40s – What is more beautiful than reading a letter written by your great grandmother telling her fiancé that she wants duck at their upcoming wedding? Nothing, it is priceless.  Words like “Dearest” or “Love yours truly” meant with such meaning. Knowing that these letters travelled for miles to get to each other.

3 – Great grandmother’s  poodle brooch and clutch – Seeing what they wore in fashion is always fun.  I also have a long skirt and nurses outfit she wore.

4 – Oil painting by my Nana (borrowed) – this painting was done by my Nana with a little help from her teacher.  She won a painting contest with this piece.  I have it up on my living room wall for now however, it does belong to my mom and when she’s ready to hang it up I will have to give it back. But for now I get to enjoy looking at it. Also, I love birds!

5 – 64 piece Crown Ducal Florentine dish set which belonged to my great grandmother & china cabinet that belongs to my uncle David (borrowed) – The dish set was a gift for my great grandmothers wedding. It is absolutely beautiful and shows its age well.  I use the set for special occasions (Christmas and Thanksgiving). The cabinet it is in belonged to my Uncles grandmother. He had left the piece in the care of my mother as he lives pretty far away.  When he saw how pretty the set looked in it he offered to let me continue borrowing it until he says he wants it back to be handed down to his kids.  A very thoughtful gesture.

6 – Flatware set given to me by my friend Judy-Lynn – The set belonged to Judy -Lynns step mother. She was so generous and gifted it to me knowing my love for older items.  I use everything I have in my house.

7 – Teddy my mothers best friend made this little brown bear for me as a gift at my moms baby shower.  I’ve kept it as it is truly the first gift I would have gotten.


8 – 1800’s shell purse (a birthday gift from my mother) – This dainty shell purse is beautiful. Hand crafted with a latch and handle. It has little dividers in it as well.  I mean what did they put in to this teeny tiny purse?

9 – Old medical bottles – I really only have a few of these. I really enjoy reading the back of the bottles which lists the side effects and some are pretty terrifying.  All you can do is laugh at them.

10 – 1800’s Diamond ring – I bought this ring at the Pickering Roadshow Antiques several years ago.  It is one of the nicest pieces of jewelry I’ve seen and own.  I love the history knowing that at some point in over 100 years this may have been a wedding ring.

11- My collection of vintage clutches – my most unique being west German silver and crystal, three Whiting & Davis mesh clutches in silver and gold and a Morris Moskowitz crystal and silk clutch. And three have the original change purse or mirrors in them. (Pictures do not do any of them justice)

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