My Country Farmhouse – May 2018 Nature

I was fortunate enough to have the month of May off from working.  I took full advantage of this time and headed to my house to prepare for the warmer weather.  After the wind storm it was obvious that several trees would have to come down for safety reasons.  I said good-bye to my dying birch tree, locust and spruce tree.  When the locust tree came down I realized just how much sun it actually prevented from getting to my gardens.  And soon enough I will be making a beautiful circular garden at the front of my yard where the spruce was.

With such warm weather I’ve had wildlife visiting all day long.  I can sit and watch birds, rabbits and the frogs in my pond.  I’ve introduced fresh fruit in to the garden for the orioles and a hummingbird feeder (which I didn’t think would be a success as we had none the previous year).  I’ve also added a solar panel fountain to the pond to circulate the water.

Unfortunately the tent caterpillars are out in full force.  They’ve nested in most of my trees (including my apple trees). Hopefully the damage will be minimal.  They are a pretty insect but a huge nuisance as there are thousands of them.

Screenshot_20180608-111059_Video Player.jpg

In a short amount of time my gardens were full of vibrant colours. The apple trees blossomed and soon dropped the petals. Every day there are new plants and flowers coming out.

And in spring the babies are born. Goats, sheep, horses, cows, geese alpacas and so many more.  I don’t actually think there is anything cuter than a baby of any species.


And finally when you have a chihuahua who’s most favorite hobby is to sun bathe you make the time to sit outside for hours on end to soak of the rays together.

I hope you are all enjoying the weather where ever you are. Happy Spring!


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