My Country Farmhouse – Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet

The master bedroom has a pretty large closet. I visualized it as a walk-in closet before I even owned the house.  It only had one clothing rod that ran the width of the closet which meant the space was under-utilized.  I peeled off the floral wall paper, plastered, sanded and painted it in the same colour remaining from the dining room.  My budget – under $100.


On the left hand side I hung double rods, one high and one low.  I used the same steel pipe system that you can see through out the house.  And on the right I put in shelving.  I went to Lowes with the measurements, picked the wood and had them cut it all to size.

When I got home all I had to do was install the shelving.  This took about half an hour to complete.  I moved the mirror that was hanging on the front of the door (facing the bedroom) and moved it to the centre of the closet.

And now I have a girly well utilized walk-in closet with tons of storage for only $60.  The only thing left to do is add a light fixture.


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