My Country Farmhouse – Campbellford Farmers Market

Every Saturday and Wednesday morning in the little town of Campbellford, Ontario there is a farmers market.  Not a big one – but a little one which offers some local product right from the area.

Fresh Meat – What could be better than fresh meat.  Pork, Beef, Lamb and chicken locally raised and ready for you to take home and enjoy that night.


And for after dinner, baked goods. Homemade treats that are so tasty. Butter tarts, pies, scones, cookies and so much more.  And because they are not store bought your only worry will be how much butter went in to them?


And to treat your pups there is a dog treat booth that also fundraises for local rescue organizations.  Your dog gets a homemade treat and you help other dogs in need.

What would a farmers market be with out veggies and fruits. Picked right from the garden (in some cases that very morning).  No pesticides on most (always ask the seller) so you can enjoy a clean meal.  Nothing tastes better than fresh food from the garden.  I can still remember eating the green beans right out of my grandfathers garden as a child.


Beautiful plant stands are set up with herbs, perennials and annuals to choose from. Some offer already made bouquets for a more low maintenance approach.  Instead of buying from big box stores try buying local to support the flower farmers 🙂

And for the more artistic shoppers, some beautiful pottery, wood carvings and homemade soaps.  One of a kind.

To top off the little farmers market there is usually a new musician entertaining the crowds. Walk around, sip some home brewed coffee from the truck and do a little shopping.  And if you’re still in the mood to shop check out the Collection Co. antique store that hosts the little market.  They always have lovely items at incredible prices.

Happy shopping!


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