My Country Farmhouse – Updating Old Lighting

I had good intentions on leaving some of the original light fixtures in the house. The foyer had a layer cake chandelier and the dining room had a crystal chandelier.  Over the course of renovating I noticed that the old fixtures were starting to look just that – old.

I didn’t actually start changing out light fixtures on the main floor until the upstairs had been done.  The hallway 1970’s light was replaced with a more modern black fixture in February 2018.

The three bedrooms that had the old wood looking fans have been replaced with new white fans. This work was done between February and July 2018.

Once the upstairs lights were complete I moved in to the kitchen.  There was a 52″ 1980’s fan that had a burnt out motor. I decided to replace it with a simple black 5 light chandelier and had a dimmer installed.  Adding a dimmer was super cheap – $20.00. The kitchen light was replaced in May 2018.

The foyer which had the layer cake chandelier would be modernized with a basic ceiling mount glass fixture. The master bedroom, foyer and dining room light were completed in July 2018.

And the dining room crystal chandelier is now a more elaborate 6 light black farmhouse chandelier. It is similar to the one in the kitchen on purpose to keep the lights from contrasting.

Over time I will replace the sunroom, porch and bathroom light.  I’ve had an electrician complete the work for me as my wiring is older in the house, so it does start to add up. An average electrician costs $75 (give or take) an hour.  If I had the skills to do the work myself I would, but I will not take such a risk with my house.  If you are uncomfortable with electrical work I highly recommend calling a couple electricians and getting costs per hour for completing the work. Try to have multiple fixtures for them to do at once if you plan on doing several rooms.  If you are capable of assembling the fixture yourself I would also recommend you do to save time prior to their arrival.  The more you do for them, the less you will spend in the long run.



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