My Country Farmhouse – Prince Edward Island 2018 Vacation

Every couple of years I head to Prince Edward Island with my mom for a small vacation. My family originates from PEI so we have many relatives and ties to the island.  My aunt and uncle have a beautiful house overlooking the water which we luckily get to stay at.

This year the weather was unnaturally hot.  Reaching temperatures I’ve never experienced on the island.  Not having to wear jeans and a sweater was definitely new to me.  Shorts, sandals and tank tops were the only way to stay cool.


When the tide was out the water was warmer than ever.  Almost like taking a hot bath. You could walk out to the sand banks and not hit a patch of cold water for miles.  The herons were taking full advantage of the heat.  They spent their time flying and fishing.  You could see up to 8 herons at one time together on the beach.  It was amazing.

With the tide out you could find crabs, shells, snails, seaweed and driftwood.  What could be a better souvenir than something you’ve actually found yourself?  Although, I do not suggest taking home a crab … that could be weird 😛


Along the way I made friends with some gorgeous dogs. Four of them to be exact all playing in the water chasing rocks that we kept throwing to keep them happily entertained.


During my final week of vacation I got to see various types of jelly-fish that had unfortunately been stranded on the sand dunes during low tide.  From only a couple inches to a foot or more round the were indeed fascinating to look at.

There isn’t a place on the island that doesn’t take your breath away.  Water all around, red sand, wildlife and fields of soy and potatoes.  If you’ve never experienced Prince Edward Island I would highly recommend it. Approximately 18 hours drive from Toronto with incredible scenery from start to finish.  But book ahead if you plan on staying at a hotel along the way. The east coast sells out really quickly and you may end up spending a night in your car. So, what are you waiting for – take a trip!?




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