My Country Farmhouse – Shopping Online

I love shopping online! Delivery to my door. No carrying large pieces of furniture around.  I also love shopping in stores but sometimes the deals are better on a website.

I’ve always loved They offer quick delivery and no shipping costs on purchases $25 and over (unless specified).  They also offer free one or two-day delivery for many items at no additional cost.  Type in what you’re looking for and see what comes up.  Select your shipping method and sit back and wait. If you’re not satisfied they have a section for returns – and it’s actually quite simple. And always set up an account.  This way your purchases are being tracked for future reference.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 1.14.05 PM

Another excellent site is  It has thousands of options for home furnishings and decor.  However, on this site you MUST do the research.  Just about every object has a specifications section and dimensions section.  You can see measurements, colours, fabrics, cord lengths, wiring styles and more.  You can read customer reviews and decide if that object will be a good buy or a hard pass.  The one downside is you never really realize when a sale may begin and end.  I purchased a set of chairs at $188 (sale price) and the next day they were $151 (better sale price) … Some sales continue to lower every day or two so shop wisely and be ready for some minor dissapointment.  It does however offers free delivery on purchases $75 and over.  And although I’ve never had to return an item they do have a section online for returns.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 1.13.47 PM

Take advantage of the free delivery services and shop from home.  Have a glass of wine or cup of coffee and scroll through the hundreds of pages to find what works for you.  And if you still find you are not satisfied by shopping online you  can always go to a store in person.



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