My Country Farmhouse – North Rustico, PEI

During my time in PEI my family decided to do a 6 hour island road trip.  The sights were incredible of course.  We did stop in a little place Called the Village of North Rustico.  Full of history this little fishing town has a boardwalk that has shops on it, restaurants and beautiful views all around.


The boardwalk is not overly long, my family walked it in about 10 minutes or less.  It was super hot out that day so any longer and there may have been casualties. During the walk you can see fishing nets out for muscles and fishing boats coming in and going out.  It also has a strong scent of fish. As you walk along you come in to a small village with adorable east coast style houses and light houses that are currently being renovated in to businesses.

If you are just looking to take a little trip while you are there I would recommend this adorable little village.  It will not disappoint.


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