My Country Farmhouse – 4 Legged Friends

For over 14 years I’ve had a dog or multiple dogs in my life.  As a child we had a Cocker Spaniel named Coco.   She loved to swim. She would be on  leash walking and suddenly she would leap in to the water nearly pulling us in.  She was a sweet old girl.

When I was 20 years old I bought a dog from a pet store (yes bought, this was before all the hype about rescuing and adopting and before it was illegal to sell dogs in stores).  Corona, was only 8 weeks when I got her.  A Jack Russell Chihuahua mix with tons of personality.  She is smart as a whip and it didn’t take long before she knew all her commands.


When Corona was about 10 months old I decided she needed a little friend to keep her company.  I found a little chihuahua named Chance online in the classifieds. Chance was coming from a sad situation where the owners chose the new dog over him.  Since both Chance and Corona were not fixed I quickly booked appointments… and days before the appointments were scheduled Chance took it upon himself to make a lady out of Corona and about 60 days later she had three puppies.


The puppies were so adorable, two girls and a boy.  Born the day before my birthday on March 22.  I decided that I wouldn’t be able to keep all three puppies and have Corona and Chance as it would be to much.  I decided on keeping a little girl,  who I named Bella.  My mom and Richard kept the first puppy born, Haida and the little boy was sold to a young couple.

In September 2006 we were visiting my sister in Midland Ontario and staying at her co-workers house. Unfortunately Bella, Corona and Haida got loose and ran off.  Corona and Haida had come home but my little adventurer Bella decided she enjoyed the freedom.  She would never make it home again 😦

My nephew Grady was born September 4th, 2006.  Two weeks after he was born I found a picture and listing for a pure bred Chihuahua online.  I decided that I would get this tiny chihuahua to make a sad Corona happy again and it worked. Corona became instant mom to a 4 ounce puppy who I named Chaya and they would be life long buddies.

Corona (14 yrs old), Haida (13 yrs old) and Chaya (12 yrs old) are still going strong.   They are our little seniors.

Recently I met a dog foster mom named Lynn.  One afternoon she was out walking 3 tiny Chihuahuas (her own two – Lola and Willow) and another.  Junior, a soon to be 14 year old chihuahua who just so happened to get along with Chaya (not that that is a problem – she loves all dogs). It was nice to see Chaya interacting and wanting to play with a dog only a pound less than she is.  Lynn mentioned that he is her foster dog and will be looking for a new home soon.  The minute she said that I knew he needed to be a part of our little family. On September 3rd, 2018 I picked up Junior and he became Chayas little big bother. They are the cutest little dogs ever.  Junior has vision loss and hearing loss so he follows Chaya and myself around.  Chaya has a super laid back mood around him and lets him snuggle with her, it’s just too sweet.


I can finally say my little family is complete. Seeing these two together is everything I could possibly want. This little city dog is about to become our newest country dog.  He’s fitting in perfectly!





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