My Country Farmhouse – Florentine

One of the perks of my job as a buyer is getting to go antique shopping.  Lately I’ve been shopping for very elegant items; Limoges gold rimmed dish sets, silver trays and tea services, cutlery and a new item I had never heard of, Florentine Trays.


Florentine is made in Florence Italy and is a centuries-old tradition. Florentine style typically reflects a contemporary interpretation of Renaissance art and furnishings.  It is usually done on wood (furniture, frames, trays) and it is quite often gold with a hint of colour and pattern.  The trays can be any shape or size.

During my hunt I found a couple of jewel boxes. The red one is a music box that still works.  The interiors are lined with brightly coloured felt.

While shopping at Around the Block in Toronto I came across a night stand that is Florentine.  In the right room this little night stand could look really pretty.

When I was shopping in Orono Ontario I found a little Florentine tray and coaster set.  When comparing this set to the others it actually feels a little more like a plastic product than the wood I usually see.  For the price of $11 for all 6 pieces I decided to take it with me.  This will be used outdoors during the summer next year.


If you decide you like Florentine here are some ideas of how people use it:

And I found a chart with the names of the Florentine styles online.  Now you can sound like a pro when you’re out shopping for them.


Happy shopping!!!


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