My Country Farmhouse – Inspiration

There are so many beautiful home decor ideas every where you go that it makes it almost impossible to pick what style you’d like in your house. Whether you rent or own you want to inject your personal taste in to your space.  Here are some of the ways I decided what style suited me and the places I live best and where I got my ideas.

Consider what the style of your house or apartment is.  Do you like the style or will you want to change it?  My farmhouse is a century old victorian style house with deep baseboards, original plaster walls, a built in, and wainscoting.  It boasts large windows and high ceilings.  It made it difficult to decide whether to go more victorian with antique style furniture, dark wood, carvings and rich colours… OR do I go more farm house?  Copper and black touches, barn wood, dark warm colours and nature.

In my previous blogs you will see I went more for the farmhouse look.  It took some trial and error with paint colours in the beginning; before my kitchen was grey I did in fact try it in a mid tone blue.  After a couple of days I realized I hated it. It just didn’t suit my style or the kitchen. I realized I really like the look of white kitchen cabinets and grey walls.  Very neutral and allowed for me to infuse some colour bringing in plants, copper and sage green.

As some you know I am a huge fan of Pinterest or Google just to get ideas or DIYs.  Try typing in ‘blue kitchens’ or ‘farmhouse decor’ and you’ll get hundreds of ideas which is what helped me with my decorating.  Save the pictures you get inspiration from so you can open them later (maybe while you’re shopping) to keep you on track.  Just because you like that picture does not mean you’re going out for the exact same thing, maybe you like it in a different colour or texture.

I started an inspiration folder. It has paint colours, swatches, pictures of DIY projects, and home decor that I liked.  This can be done digitally or in a file folder or keepsake box.  I did it digitally so I wouldn’t have to carry anything around. It’s all in my phone with me where ever I go.  I also have a word document that has all my projects (big and small), measurements, current costs/budgets, and building materials needed.  If I am out and see something that may interest me for my house I have the information I need at my finger tips. No putting it on hold and going home to take measurements. DO IT A HEAD OF TIME!!!!!

Screenshot_20181116-102905_Samsung Notes

I can honestly say I did not set much of a budget for any of the rooms of the house.  Why? I love discount shopping and finding a good bargain.  I only buy items when they are on clearance.  I shop prices online to see who has the best price and will also utilize price matching.  I was never concerned with over spending at any time.  I also reused paint and supplies from one room to the next to keep the costs low.

My phone also has a folder called ‘IDEAS’ with pictures of things I like from online searches.  Here are some of my inspiration pictures that I’ve kept over the past two years that I’ve already used in my house or I have planned on using in my house in the future:


Dining Room



Perhaps you want to change one or two rooms in your home.  Make a list of likes and dislikes in that room.  Maybe it’s as simple as a paint colour. Some paint stores do sample cans of paint.  Pick two or three of your favourite colours and give them a try.  This will save you money in the long run if you suddenly decide you dislike the colour you got.  Do an online search for ‘kitchen’ or ‘bedroom’ and add keywords like ‘grey kitchen’ or ‘rustic bedroom’. Maybe you prefer a ‘rustic white bedroom’. Sky’s the limit when doing an online search.

What items can you move from room to room? Perhaps side tables or chairs. Maybe your lamps would look better in another room or you just don’t like your decor anymore. Try selling some items online.  The money you make from the old decor can go towards the new decor.  Be frugal. Maybe you have some friends or family who want to trade items with you. Go for it! Try it out. It never hurts to post your items on Facebook.

I hope you all find a little inspiration when you look around your home.  If you don’t maybe it’s time for a small update.

Happy decorating!


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