My Country Farmhouse – The Basement Stairwell

I’ve spent the first week of the new year removing the old pantry and cosmetically renovating the stairwell that leads down to my basement.


Because the heat rises in to my stairwell I’ve never really been able to utilize it as a pantry. It was mostly cleaning products, light bulbs and dried goods packaged in Tupperware. I knew I would eventually have to move it so I did.

The only place that made sense was in to the coat closet in the kitchen (See My Country Farmhouse – The Pantry for that Reno). Once the stairwell was empty it was time to strip the wallpaper.

Luckily the wall paper came off pretty easily.  I didn’t waste time removing the backing of the paper since this is really just a pass through to the basement.  I plastered some screw and nail holes, sanded and did two coats of leftover white paint from previous projects.  I also painted the underside of the stairwell leading to my second floor.

Now that all the painting is done I’ve purchased some 4″ L brackets and spray painted them black and used some of the old wood left at the property to create some wood shelves.  Total cost for the shelves under $20.  I purchased two baskets from Homesense for $16.99 each.  I spray painted the hand bars and the ironing board rack gold using left over spray paint from the middle bedroom wooden door stopper project. I mounted a piece of reclaimed wood to the wall on the left for the mop, broom and duster to hang off of. And the final touch a hand painted piece art from Homesense for $39.99.


For under $100.00 I’ve transformed the stairwell. Now clean and bright with plenty of room to move around.  And I couldn’t be happier!


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