My Country Farmhouse – This Old Barn


I will take any chance I get to photograph an old building.  They tell a story with the layers of paint, broken windows and warped doors.  An old tin roof that is rusted from years and years of weather but  is somehow still holding up against our crazy Canadian elements.

Walking up to the barn are two double sets of old swinging barn doors, two man doors and two little wood windows allowing the light in. An old door with textured white paint and an old black knob leads you in to the first room of the barn.

The walls and ceiling are all wood with incredible aging.  There are nails coming out of every where from tools that would have been hung from them.  The double set of barn doors are still functioning in this room. Held closed by a chain, two dead bolts, a beam with two pins and a metal rail.

The second room of the barn is just beautiful. The wood walls are layered in years and years of colourful paint – each piece unique.  The ceiling has 12″ wide wood planks and the barn floors are just as wide.  The old door has the original hardware attached but has not been used in decades.  It is so worn that the door actually has a hole at the bottom. The double barn doors have also not been used in years. Nailed shut with some metal mesh to keep it that way.

The exterior of the barn has been painted white. It is chipping off in some areas but that just adds to it’s beauty.  As you walk around the barn you can see black paint used as an accent and some windows with a curved detail. On the back of the barn you can see the original red paint colour and as you look down the building what appears to be an old brick chimney.

 Over the years I’ve asked neighbours and locals about this barn.  From what I can piece together is that it use to be an old train barn that was moved and rebuilt on the property decades ago.  As I walk around this building my mind starts to imagine what can be done with it. It deserves another life and one day I will give it one.  This train barn resides on my property and is one of the reasons I decided to buy this house.  It has so much potential.





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