My Country Farmhouse – Waiting

It has been a couple weeks since I tore out my old counter in preparation for the new one to go in Tuesday March 5th. Some of you may be thinking “2 weeks”… Since I’m working all week long and on the road  I decided to get it out early in case there was some extra work I would have to take care of.  For the time being I’ve been washing my dishes in a kitchen bucket in the bathtub.  Oh how I cannot wait until the counter goes in.

In the mean time, since I’ve decided to stay at the house for a few days in preparation for the counter arrival I’ve been doing other small projects.  The first was a major overhaul of the basement. I’ve removed all the old broken down shelving, pulled up old stained carpet and done a major vacuuming. Aren’t shop vacs the best! Because I do a lot of my own projects and purchase the supplies I need I’ve created a pile for the dump which has now taken over my basement. I’m thinking this will need to get removed Monday morning since I have no appointments planned for the day.

I’ve also had Van Huizon Flooring in to give me a quote for the broadloom to go down on my stairs and landing.  All in $700 – although I hate carpet this is the most cost effective way to finish the stairwell.  The quote to have the stairs and landing done with hardwood was over $5000. The carpet will also help with any squeaks (not that I’ve ever had one) and it will be safer for going up and down.  This job will hopefully be done before March 15th.

With that project underway I’ve decided it is time to strip as much of the wall paper as possible.  I’ve completed almost 3 full walls of stripping and have plastered and will sand and paint in the next couple days.  Once I’ve completed all I can I will reach out for some help to finish the areas I just cannot reach.

This morning (since I didn’t have enough going on) I made some small changes in my walk in closet. Moving the mirror from inside the closet on the wall to the door. Now I can actually see myself while I get ready and I’ve added another short rod to hang my dresses on.

My next projects include finishing up the remainder of the vacuuming in the basement, the last of the wall paper stripping, priming and painting the stairwell, counter installation, sink and faucet and adding the new backsplash.

I’ve also decided to hire a contractor to install a new set of stairs to my basement.  The current ones are original and are super dangerous. I’ve slid down them a few times.

Once these projects are done the final project in the entire house will be to lay new flooring in the two bedrooms.  I haven’t decided what product I will use or the colouring but I’m sure it’ll be a nice grey toned wood laminate that isn’t to high cost but will make a nice impact in the rooms.

Here’s hoping my next post will not be more than a month from now.


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