My Country Farmhouse – The Stairwell Down

It’s always a little sad to remove something old and original in a century home, however, when you’ve almost killed yourself a few times using them it is time for them to go. It is time to say good bye to the basement stairs.

I decided that with all the renovations happening that the stairs should be a part of it.  None of the steps were level, most had a severe slant downwards and each step was layered in layers of wood supporting the already broken pieces. Also the stringers were cut in to pieces and slapped back together with nails, screws and random wood pieces.

Yesterday I found a contractor who had a couple days open in his schedule to rip out the old, build the new and install them.  This made me happy knowing that within a couple days I could safely go to the basement carrying things. At a cost of $600 all in the stairs will be made of solid maple and be level.

The building process – Photo Courtesy of Paul Warren

This afternoon the stairs were removed and tomorrow they will be installed.

Well two days later and the stairs were in.  They look and feel so much safer.  Each step is nice and level and I should hopefully not slide down them again.

Thanks to Paul for taking the time to build and install them.


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