My Country Farmhouse – Master and Guest Bedroom Floor Refresh

Since I had the contractors in to complete some of the larger projects this week I made one of those tasks the master bedroom and third bedroom flooring.

When I purchased the house the bedrooms were all carpeting. Under the master bedroom and the third bedroom carpet was 70’s style vinyl.  Super terrible colouring and stained from the years of being there.

The carpets all came out when I first moved in due to dust allergies.  So I’ve been looking at the awful throw-up coloured vinyl for a couple years now.  It has also taken me this many years to actually pick my flooring. Colour, style, material, size… Oh man there were just to many decisions to choose from on such an important part of the house.

One evening after work I headed to Lowes with my mom to shop for floors.  We spent about 45 minutes just looking at all the flooring choices and colours.  I knew I didn’t want to spend a fortune but also that I did not want to cheap out (under .99 cents a square foot).  So we ended up getting a grey whitewashed 8mm oak laminate for just a $1.29 a square foot.   And to make it even better Lowes flooring was on sale for 15% off.  I purchased 320 square feet for the two rooms with the under pads that are thermal (hopefully next winter I will feel a difference in temperature on the floors) for a total of $471.00.

Here is the master bedroom officially done being renovated for a grand total of $1231.

And the finished guest bedroom for a grand total of $950.

I couldn’t be happier. The rooms look warm and inviting.


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