My Country Farmhouse – 100% Kitchen Completion

The kitchen renovation began in early 2017. I stopped when the cabinets and walls were painted, replaced the single cabinet between the stove and fridge with two free-standing cabinets and had all the barn wood shelves and decor up. In the summer of 2018 I began looking at cabinet hardware, countertop, sink, faucet and tile options.  By Christmas 2018 I had my inspiration board all set, placed the order for the new Corian counter, purchased the sink, faucet, cabinet pulls and backsplash tile.

20181231_085912During Christmas vacation I began to change the hardware out on all the cabinets, remove the dishwasher and build in additional shelving for the microwave and when the counter leveler came March 1st I asked if he could install the final 4 pulls on the cabinets surrounding the stove. What a difference it made!


As you know I had ripped out the old counter and backsplash in the middle of February.  Since I cook almost all of my own meals and bake my own goodies it was a little annoying having to use a bucket in my bathtub to do the dishes. But I survived.


On March 5th (The best day ever!) I had my new counter, sink and faucet installed.  And 24 hours later Kirkland Plumbing hooked up the sink and faucet.  I finally had a fully functioning kitchen again.

That same week I hired a contractor to come in and do the backsplash and change out the old (but pretty) outlets.  From March 11th to the 15th the contractors from Countryside Custom Carpentry were in renovating the house. My sister, Ashley, came by to check in on the progress from time to time and send me some pictures since I couldn’t be around to watch myself. By Friday evening 5pm the kitchen was complete. AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!

Here is a list of the major expenses throughout the renovation process:

  • Countertop with installation $2812
  • Backsplash with installation $840
  • Sink $316
  • Faucet $206
  • Plumber $360
  • Cabinets and counters by stove $504
  • Chandelier $176
  • Leveling $100
  • Miscellaneous $386

Here are the final pictures of the kitchen renovation for a grand total of $5700 (from January 2017 – March 2019). Please visit My Country Farmhouse – The Kitchen for the progress of renovating the kitchen leading up to completion.



Removed the old dishwasher and built in shelving
Corian Rain Cloud Countertop





The next renovation to be complete in the house is the broadloom on the staircase and landing which will be installed Tuesday March 19th.

Stay tuned for the Stairwell Reno – before and after!


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