My Country Farmhouse – The Stairwell Up

It has taken a couple years to get to the stairwell renovation for a couple reasons; A TON OF WALLPAPER and the cost will be higher to repair or replace the flooring and stairs.  This has given me the time to save, save, save.

Original stairwell

A year and a half ago I found and installed a new light fixture that was on sale at Homesense for only $79.99.  Although it doesn’t look like it now it will soon be a more modern space and the black light fixture will fit right in.

The first week of March while waiting to get the kitchen counter installed I had a bit of extra time to continue working on the wall paper removal.  Over 8 hours later and I finished stripping all the areas I could reach. The remainder of the work will be contracted out for safety reasons and well – to speed things up.  I’ve had a glimpse of the finish line and I cannot wait!

After some minor plaster repairs and sanding I did a quick primer coat in some of the areas I could reach.  The general contractors will do a skim coat to level out any uneven walls, prime and paint to complete the work. I will be using the Bearded Grey paint from the bedrooms since it has the lovely blue undertone and will pick up the colours in the new grey broadloom that has been installed.

Here are the final stairwell pictures for a grand total $1830.


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