My Country Farmhouse – Spring has Finally Sprung!

I think I’ve had enough with the snow and cold this winter.  I’m loving every minute of spring.  By this time last year I had daisies and tulips already in full bloom. And the grass was green. Even though we’ve had some snow and a lot of rain at least the air feels warmer and the plants are slowly coming to life.


I spent a good solid 4 hours in my yard preparing for spring Sunday afternoon. 8 bags of leaves and the backyard gardens were clean (yes, just the backyard).  Under all the leaves were tons of crocus, tulip and daisy buds. I began to tidy around the pond a bit. Over the winter I put mesh across the pond so the leaves do not get in to the water.  It makes it a bit easier to clean but also the mesh is stuck in the ice left in the pond. So I will have to wait for it to finish thawing before full removal.

While raking the yard I scared a little bunny – who also scared me.  He/she must have been relaxing in the garden behind my planter.  He made his way down to the far end of the garden to hide in my neighbours yard. He was super cute.


I filled up the bird feeders, swept the patio and trimmed the hedges.

This spring I will be taking out the old fire pit from the garden. It is crumbling and making quite the mess in the yard. I will be repurposing as many of the old bricks as possible to create a bit of a pathway to the barn door.


In the next month I will be moving out my BBQ and outdoor furniture, cleaning up the front gardens, as well as hanging some new bird feeders and bird houses.  And as that warm weather begins to stick around plant some flowers and vegetables.


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