My Country Farmhouse – Rustic Kitchen Inspiration

When I go to an antique store I am inspired by the things I find. Today I decided to take a back road drive through the country to Karen Brown’s Antiques & Collectables in Deseronto, Ontario.


I passed through a couple small towns, one called Thurlow and another called Blessington.  These little towns are full of beautiful old victorian brick and wood/vinyl sided farmhouses and acres of farmland.  Sheep, goats, cows, chickens, hen and horses are every where.

Karen Brown’s Antiques is a bit higher in pricing compared to other locations like Woodstock and Aberfoyle Antiques in the west end but it is still fun to look around.  Just before going in there was a large wood basket ($175) that would look great with some rolling pins and even logs sitting next to a wood burning stove.


Since I gravitate towards kitchen items and well.. farmhouses I decided to see what great pieces I could find to create a beautiful farmhouse kitchen. As soon as you walk in to the store on the left there is a rustic cabinet loaded with crock ware from bowls to pots, planters and bottles (from $30 – $125).  The bowls would look great in any rustic kitchen. They are heavy and come in a variety of sizes and colours. And if you’re lucky enough to find a smaller crock pot they make great utensil holders.

Every farmhouse kitchen needs a gorgeous old table and chairs to sit at.  These adorable little old chairs ( $95 each) and the beautiful double board table ($85) would definitely warm up any eat-in kitchen and provide extra prep room.

On the table you could put an old wooden bowl ($75- $165) for your fruits and veggies to sit in or a vintage basket (from $20 – $45) that can hold country inspired linens ($8 each). Fun wall decor ideas include hanging old kitchen tools (from $2 – $12) or hanging this fun old wood cow ($125).

Other neat ideas are little tin match holders ($20 – $50), muffin tins ($12), or a spice drawer ($75 – $220). You could even use the old tin water jugs ($15) as a vase for your fresh cut flowers from the garden.

To add some pops of colour I think introducing assorted jars ($6 – 55) in lovely colours is a great way and also add a ton of storage. And giving the kitchen a hit of warmth with a copper pot  ($125) or strainer ($28) as well as adding some black cast iron pans ($18+) to ground the space.

To complete the look of this little country kitchen I would add in some gorgeous old dishes that have a decorative border with vibrant colours to bounce off the other colours that have been used throughout the kitchen.


Here are some inspirational pictures that that show you how to use these fabulous finds:

If you are working on a tight budget you might consider introducing a few pieces that you absolutely love.  Invest only in what you have a use for.  Here are some of the items I’ve added in my kitchen to spruce it up and make it feel like a farmhouse:

Happy antiquing 🙂



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