My Country Farmhouse – East Coast Homes Done Right

It has been some time since I’ve posted last.  There have been a couple changes in my life that has made it a bit harder to spend time writing about home renovations and antiques.  I finished working on The Handmaid’s Tale at the end of May. Took 4 weeks off for vacation where I relaxed and did a bunch of yard work. During my time off my boss passed away suddenly leaving our team at a loss. I offered to fill in for him (since we’ve never backed down from a gig in the past) and my hours have been crazy at work on a new TV series called Tiny Pretty Things.  Soon enough it will all settle down and I should be back a bit more regularly.

With this all happening it hasn’t stopped me from looking at century homes – lately homes in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  There is so much history in these provinces. And some of the houses are absolutely spectacular (and also very affordable).

Here are some of my favourite properties that I have been watching over the past month:

154 Main St, Springhill Nova Scotia — $59,900.00 MLS201918614

Check out this former Manse for under $60,000.  The wood work is beautiful.

1158 Route 850 Kiersteadville, New Brunswick — $69,900.00 MLS NB011474

This is an adorable country house with an bright and cheerful exterior.  It needs some work on the inside to freshen it up but for under $70,000 it is a possibility.

6 Welch St, Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick —- $99,900.00 MLS NB027843 and 9 Pointe Du Bute, Pointe Du Bute, New Brunswick — $114,900.00 MLS M124383

How amazing would it be to own a former church? I would be so excited to work on a project like this. Summer home!

1129 Route 10 Route, Augustine Cove, PEI — $259,900.00 MLS 2101915806

This heritage home is done to the nines, but the best parts of the house are these rooms.

21344 Trans Canada Highway, Tryon, PEI — $279,900.00 — MLS 210908977

OK, this is my all time favourite. If I could live here and have a small antique business as they currently do I think I could be pretty happy. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Check out the floors.

I hope you take a few minutes to look at these properties on – you won’t regret it.

Happy house hunting!!


*** I do not work for I simply find it to be one of the best sites to look at houses on ***

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