My Country Farmhouse – Moving Day

Moving day came quick but I was well prepared. First thing in the morning (5am) I did some laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, and brought down some of the lighter pieces that I would be packing in my van.  Before the movers arrived (YES I hired movers and it was the best thing I could have done to reduce stress) I went to the post office to close my post office box, brought my two pups to my moms house for the day and packed up the van and one SUV.

I borrowed 20 large bins and 10 small bins and collected boxes over the month to ensure nothing was left straggling. As the movers moved the large items, bins and boxes out I was able to clean each room.  The movers arrived at 12:13pm ready to work and man they sure did.  They only stopped for a couple 5 minute breaks and some pizza.

It is unreal how much you accumulate when you own a home. I went from room to room downsizing the items I would never use and still in the end had 50 boxes/bins, all the large items of furniture from a 3 bedroom house, all of the outdoor furniture and everything in the garage. It adds up fast – luckily it all fit on to the 26 foot truck. They packed all the furniture with sound blankets and elastics to ensure safe travels while on the truck.

Once the truck was packed I had the chance to meet Joshua and Jennifer (and family) who are the new owners of the house. Lovely young couple who reminded me of myself when I first bought the house (only they got the renovated version) bright eyed and ready to make my mark. We did a quick walk around asking and answering questions. Showing them things like the original skeleton key. (HEY JENNIFER AND JOSHUA THE DOOR STOPPER IN THE MIDDLE BEDROOM IS AN ORIGINAL WOOD ONE – I refinished it during the bedroom Reno)

As we said our goodbyes it was time to head off to my new home – Lady Mathison. Only a 15 minute drive north. I followed behind the moving truck as my mom followed behind me.  We arrived and I opened the door to my massive new house. It was now time to move in. The movers started to unload the truck as my mom and I started to unload the cars by 7:15pm the movers were packed up, paid and heading back to Peterborough. Thank you to GO MOVING AND SERVICES – Greg and Tristan for their excellent hard work and making moving day easy and enjoyable.

Chaya in her new house in our new bed (first night)

To finish off the night I drove back to my moms in Campbellford, ate some pizza and picked up the dogs.  We then headed to our new home.  Chaya was pretty excited to be in a new place – she is super easy going. Junior was more nervous and the smells were unfamiliar – he did not want down the first night and half of Saturday. By Saturday evening he was a little more adventurous walking around taking in the layout (for those of you who are not aware Junior is deaf and blind so it takes him a little longer to warm up to change).

Our second weekend at Lady Mathison was productive. I primed the living room, parts or the dining room and stairwell.  This coming weekend I will paint the living room Sherwin Williams – Incredible White. It is a nice warm white that will look great with a crisp semi-gloss pure white trim. I will also continue priming the dining room and stairwell walls.

Stay tuned for some before, during and after pictures of the living room and dining room.



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