My Country Farmhouse – The Living Room — UPDATE January 6, 2020

On the weekend of November 8th I made it my mission to get all the priming done in the living room. And I actually got some priming in the dining room done as well – already ahead of my ever changing schedule. Since I am working out of town weekdays I plan on doing smaller tasks every weekend (priming, painting, changing some light fixtures, replacing door hardware). This way over the two months I am off of work I can complete some larger more daunting tasks (converting the mudroom in to the laundry room, replacing sewer pipes, and updating some electrical).

As soon as the sun was high enough the following Saturday (730am) I was up and painting the living room ceiling.  Always remember to start from the top and work your way down. Ceiling, crown molding, baseboards, window trim, and finally walls. The baseboards, crown molding and trim took about 8 hours. In my previous house the baseboards were about 6 – 7″ whereas in this house they are 12″. The window trim is also much wider and the room is much bigger (more square footage). Over 15 hours (7 hours Saturday and 8 hours Sunday) I completed the entire living room and boy oh boy it looks  great!

I used the colour Incredible White by Sherwin Williams – and it is just that. This colour is bright enough to lighten a dark space but also reads very warm. It has a bit of a grey, taupe or beige undertone depending on the light in the space. The ceiling was done with Behr Premium Plus Interior Flat Ceiling paint and the trim and baseboards were done with Behr Premium Plus Semi-Gloss Enamel paint.

The next steps in the living room are to have the floors refinished (will be done with the rest of the main floor), to get some new pieces of furniture that are much lighter in colour, and to hang my new blinds and art work.

Here are some of the ideas for the living room:

Over this past weekend (November 23/24) I started hanging the new Roman blinds in the living room and the master bedroom – and OMG I’m in love. They are so classy and add so much warmth to the space (and privacy).  They were incredibly easy to install. About 8 minutes per set to hang – and so easy for one person to do.


And finally with the Christmas tree in the bay window.



UPDATE: January 6, 2020

Final Living Room pictures:








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