My Country Farmhouse – Planning the Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen will be the largest renovation I will be taking on in this house (and even the previous house).  This will be a full gut, wall removal and plumbing will be moved around. I’m allotting a pretty big dollar amount to this renovation since it will be the core of the house.  I estimate anywhere from $18000 – $25000 for the kitchen renovation.

Since I am totally gutting the kitchen and starting literally from the floors up I’ve decided not to wait to purchase appliances.  The current fridge is broken and the stove seems to overheat quite fast over cooking my food.  This way I can design my kitchen around my new appliances. Something to consider when renovating.

Since this is the week of Black Friday I decided to take full advantage of the sales.  Last week over lunch I decided to drive over to the Brick (6 minutes away) to see what they have and what the sales would look like.  I met a lovely employee named Patience who helped me out with the many questions I had about each and every style of appliance (even the furniture I purchased). She mentioned that they were having a VIP day and that they would be offering their Black Friday prices and additional discounts on that day and that I should come in. SO I DID!

I spent days leading up to the Friday researching appliances and what each offers in the various price ranges.  Styles, brands, colours, do I want a dishwasher or hood vent?  So many options.  Finally as I wondered around the appliance section I managed to narrow it down, Samsung, stainless steel, fridge with French doors, electric convection stove with fan, over the range microwave with vent and light, and finally a built in dishwasher.  Seems like a big list however the sale made it worth it.  With the purchase of 3 appliances you also get an additional $300 off.

Here is the breakdown:

Fridge retails for $1899.00 / Black Friday sale price $1399.00 / with discount $1248.95

Stove retails for $1399.00 / Black Friday sale price $899.00 / with discount $802.58

Dishwasher retails for $699.97 / Black Friday sale price $499.00 / with discount $445.47 / energy efficient rebate of 25% off $334.47

Over the range microwave $469 / Black Friday sale price $329.00

Total retail price $4466.97×13% HST = $5046.97 / Black Friday sale price, discount and rebate $2715 – $500 gift card = 2215×13% HST = $2505

Savings of $2541.97

I can say I am quite happy with my purchase.  These items should last a long time and will hold value if I ever decide to sell.

Here are the appliance I bought:

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 9.50.25 AMScreen Shot 2019-11-28 at 9.51.06 AMScreen Shot 2019-11-28 at 9.50.52 AMScreen Shot 2019-11-28 at 9.50.38 AM

Happy Black Friday Shopping! Make smart choices 🙂


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