My Country Farmhouse – Simple Christmas Decor


We are days away from the big day- Christmas! Since I am renovating and constantly moving items around I opted out of going “big” on the Christmas decor and simplified it.

From work I was given a massive poinsettia that I am using as the centre piece on the dining room table.  And in front of the front door is one of the two mini Christmas trees that I purchased off the classified for $30.  Next to the little tree is a nutcracker, reindeer and some of the Christmas cards I’ve received this season.

In the living room is my Christmas tree sitting in the bay window, little chocolate sleigh (gift I received), cards and of course chocolates.

In the sitting room is the second little Christmas tree.  The kitchen has one little wood sign hanging between the windows. The front door of the house has the wreath I made a couple years ago and the mudroom has the bow wreath I purchased a couple years ago on the door leading in to the main house.

From my tiny family to yours we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

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