My Country Farmhouse – Guest Room For One UPDATED February 9th, 2020

This was the only room besides the main bathroom that needed the least amount of work. The walls are in excellent shape, the trim is already white and the floors are beautiful. The old dresser was left by the previous owner Dianne along with curtains. The walls were a very soft almost blush pink however they were marked and scuffed and needed a fresh coat of paint.

I knew I wanted to keep pink as a colour influence for this room. I love the rooms curves as they are very feminine.  There is a window on the north and south walls making this room really light and bright.  I had paint leftover from the living and dining rooms so I opted to used that as a nice neutral base and add the colour in with bedding and art.

In November I was on Pinterest and this beautiful vintage wood daybed popped up and I thought it was the neatest thing.  A week later on the Trent Hills Classifieds (Facebook Group) there it was — a vintage wood daybed for sale, asking price $100 after negotiating  the purchase price I got it for $70. I forgot to grab the boards she used under the mattresses so I ended up spending about $5 on lumber to make some slats. Ordered a boxspring for $60 and the bed was set.

I had originally intended on painting the bed like the inspirational photo but I like the look of the dark wood against the light walls. It also matches the dresser that was left behind. It feels more to the period of the house.

It only took 2 days (a couple hours each day) to make over this room. While I was on the classifieds a little brown shelf was listed for $15 and it looked like it would match the bed perfectly. Because this bed is very high and close to the window a bedside table just did not look right.  I messaged the lady selling it, asked if she could do $10 and set out to pick it up only 4 minutes down the street. Once I returned to the house I was so excited to see if it would work as a bedside table. AND IT DID!!! I mounted it right away.

With the paint done and the shelf mounted it was time to hang the Roman blinds and curtains.  The blinds were $85 each (x2), the curtain rods were $29.99 each (x2) and the curtains were $69.99 (Linen, x2). I reused the little wood shelf, art and decorations from my first Country Farmhouse. The sheets and comforter set were $66 from and the accent pillows and throw were from Pier One for $40.

With the cost of paint $40 (really only used half a can) – The grand total for this rooms make over was $601. $100 more than I wanted to spend but I really wanted the Roman blinds – they are definitely an investment.

Here is the final product:


I hope you like the final look – I know I do. I cannot wait to have someone stay in and enjoy this room.

UPDATE February 9th, 2020



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