My Country Farmhouse – All the Odd Jobs

On the days I attempt to relax I find myself working on small jobs around the house. Hanging pictures and mirrors, installing transitions, building shelves and creating art.  Apparently I just can’t sit still ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some of the projects I’ve completed over the past several weeks:

Dining room and sitting room transition


Hanging of the 120lb mirror in the dining room – added two support brackets

Half bath antique cabinet and mirror install

Painting the doors a contrasting colour (Sherwin Williams – Alpaca)

Transplanting my plants that have grown up and needed a larger pot

Building, painting and hanging a shelf to hide the 4″ gap behind the main bathroom toilet

Decorating the landing – vintage fire extinguisher, art, and repurposed the old sewing machine drawers


And finally painting for fun!

Tomorrow I will be finalizing the stairwell for the installers to come in next week to lay the runner.  I also have a contractor coming in to look at the kitchen to see what will be possible for the future renovation (Can the wall come down? Cost? Layout?) And the electrician will be in in the next couple weeks to update the electrical panel and complete some other electrical odd jobs in the house and garage.

No rest for the wicked. Stay tuned!


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