My Country Farmhouse – The Main Bathroom


This is the biggest bathroom I have ever personally owned (house or rental unit). My previous house and current apartment are so small you could brush your teeth and pee at the same time. Your knees were that close to the vanity. I never thought it mattered about the size of a bathroom until this house, it’s just so spacious.

This is the most modern room in the house. New vanity, sinks, faucets, mirror, tub, shower head, tile, toilet, floors and paint – DONE. There was little to be done in here. But there were a couple things that had to change.

There was no toilet paper dispenser. So I purchased a stand alone with spare TP holder attached that sits across from the toilet. There was no where to hang a hand towel or any towel for that matter. After looking on I found a set of 4 towel and toilet paper rods. I used two upstairs; the ring and a rod for my hand towel. Downstairs in the powder room I used a rod and the toilet paper dispenser as that room didn’t have one either.


It has excellent storage. A section of shelving, cupboards, and drawers in the vanity.  I used little bins to store the smaller items – staying organized. And some little bins in the drawers. Since the toilet was so far out from the wall I felt like there needed to be a shelf to hide the 4″ gap. I reused some wood and brackets from my supplies and Voila! a cute shelf to add some decor to.

And finally the beautiful wood trim had to be painted white (it just did not work in a bathroom that was all grey and white).  I hate painting something original… but it made a huge difference.

I did purchase some new towels, hand towels and face clothes  at Wal Mart to match the decor in the bathroom in a soft grey. And at Winners on the clearance rack a soap and tooth brush holder and shower curtain.  At a total cost of roughly $130 the main bathroom is done.







2 thoughts on “My Country Farmhouse – The Main Bathroom

  1. Nice! I love working on my old house, too, so I get it. And to the wood trim paint, I think it looks GREAT. I remember once reading in the Old Home Journal that it’s depressing to strip ugly paint to find even uglier wood. I know you didn’t strip it, but a lot of old houses had wood trim that was never meant to be unpainted. Big improvement, I think. Looking forward to more.


    1. As luck would have it there is some wood stripped in another room which looks pretty bad. This wood looked lovely stained but it just didnt match. And I will definitely not be stripping any wood in this house lol


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