My Country Farmhouse – Lazy Weekend Project

What a lazy weekend I had. I didn’t do much at all. Besides a bit of cleaning and watching TV I took it super easy. Last week at the Orono Antique Market I found and old dough board for $45 and since I have the second sewing machine to repurpose I thought this would make a great old table top. I was lucky and the store clerk sold it to me for $40.

I removed the wood top with the sewing machine still in place and dragged the cast iron legs up the stairs – man are they heavy. I proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes cleaning 50+ years worth of dust.


Once it was cleaned you could see the beautiful gold paint on the SINGER logo and the manufacturing logos on the side of the legs.

And the final step was to reuse the old sewing machine screws that held to original top in place to affix the new (old) dough board in place.

Here is the completed table — Now where to I put it? hmmmm



One thought on “My Country Farmhouse – Lazy Weekend Project

  1. Always amazing. Always creative. I know it will find a good home in your home. Keep up the inspiring DIY’s.
    Love them.


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