My Country Farmhouse – Not My Country Farmhouse

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Sometime’s it is hard to find work in the East Coast. And because the Toronto film industry is currently booming some may sacrifice seeing their families every day to travel to Toronto, rent an apartment and earn some cash.

I’ve graciously offered my services to my family who have just rented an apartment in the building complex I rent in for work in Toronto. My uncle (David) will be coming to Toronto for work and I’ve offered all my spare furniture to decorate his apartment if he will help me to renovate the mudroom in to the new laundry room. And he accepted! YAY!

If you haven’t already noticed there is nothing more that I love than to decorate. Especially on a budget. SO imagine a blank slate of an apartment (same layout as my current apartment – a tad smaller) my goal is to spend as little as possible to furnish the apartment so it is ready to move in mid – end of March.

As of right now I have the following items: couch, coffee table, dresser, floor lamp, x2 side tables, small shelf, bed frame, 3 pieces of art, bedding, towels, floor mat for bathroom, shower curtain rings, x3 table lamps, microwave, AC unit, TV, kettle, dishes, cutlery, cutting boards, pots and pans, and a pine wall mount shelf. Purchased so far: dinette set $50, curtain rods x2 $50, shower curtain and liner $30, toaster $19, toilet paper holder $15, curtains $40, kitchen smalls and paper towel holder $20. To get: mattress and box spring and a TV stand.

The apartment was freshly painted in a nice beige colour which warms up the space. All of the trim is bright white. The kitchen is all white with metal cabinets and a beige laminate countertop and has a set of blinds in the window and the previous renter left a cabinet above the toilet for storage. I received the keys March 1st and am very slowly beginning to move items in

Stay tuned for the before and after pictures of this cute one bedroom apartment.


One thought on “My Country Farmhouse – Not My Country Farmhouse

  1. Our local has acquired some exceptional people from out East. I am not happy that it has come at such great cost to individuals and their families, but it is good for us here. We get talented people with experience and high work ethic. Welcome, Dave!

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