My Country Farmhouse – The Bachelor Apartment… Also NOT my house


On March 7th I was given the task of decorating a bachelor apartment on a super tiny budget (I MEAN TINY). This is a bachelor apartment with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and at the back of a house another room (open to the kitchen) legally not a one bedroom as there is no door for separation. This cute little bachelor is in a century+ home that is deemed a triplex. Although it is not much to look at from the exterior, the interior is light, bright and airy.

The walls have been freshly painted in Toasted Sesame, the trim a white refresh, there are blinds in all the windows, some carpet in the two main rooms and laminate flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.

Here are the before pictures:


 Now the budget I have is small as the person renting it is retired and living on a pension. They have two dressers, two side tables and a few smalls (kitchen) to move to the property. I have since purchased a bed and frame $50, bed-in-a-bag 9 pieces $90, towel set $30, shower curtain and liner $25. The remaining items to find/buy new or used are couch, mattress and box spring, dinette set, small chest freezer, dishes, glassware, cutlery and every day essentials (toilet paper, soaps, cleaners etc..) I’m hoping that for around $500-$600 I will be able to fully furnish this little apartment and make it feel like their home.

Since the kitchen is severely lacking in cabinet space I will be adding a microwave shelf and ceiling height cabinets to really maximize this tiny house. I will be adding a medicine cabinet in the washroom for more storage and we will hopefully be replacing the neon lights… they are THE WORST.

I will be getting the keys to this apartment March 15th and beginning the transformation the weekend after that (20/21/22). Stay tuned for the after pictures of this little bachelor apartment.


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