My Country Farmhouse – Social Distancing Day 2

With all that is happening in the world and being asked? Told? Encouraged?… to stay home I’ve created a list of low cost/no cost projects that I can do in my house over the next few (or more) weeks.

Yesterday I started caulking the main floor around the windows and trim creating a seamless look and keeping bugs and unwanted drafts from coming in to the house.  There is still a lot to go and it is definitely NOT my favourite thing to do… So I’ll do a tube at a time.

This afternoon it was pretty warm out so I decided to do the one thing that I’ve just been waiting to do since the day I moved in – wash the white vinyl siding. It was in pretty sad shape and it has been way to cold to get it done. My first house was all white siding and I learned that you have to give it a good clean at minimum once a year.

Here is the before picture:


I purchased a $60 brush that attaches to the hose, got a bucket of soapy water and scrubbed away for 45 minutes. And what a transformation. White. I still have the back and west side of the add-on room to wash however it is still very icy as the trees prevent the sun from melting the snow a way.


Stay tuned for more Social Distancing Projects.

Stay safe, happy and healthy – We are all in this together.



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