My Country Farmhouse – Social Distancing Day 3

As I sat on my couch at 645am this morning I noticed that I could hear every noise coming from the train tracks a couple blocks south of my house.  Since the world is on pause there is no ambient noise to cover the clanking and horns from the trains from the trucks, cars, and businesses going about their day.  I imagine this will be the case every day until we all wake up from this incredibly strange dream.

This morning I drove back in to Toronto with my mom so she could spend a couple of hours at work. There was no traffic. It usually takes 1 hour 45 minutes to get to Toronto but we did the drive in an hour and 30 minutes.  I can say that driving back in to a largely populated city does make you a little anxious (as if we weren’t already).  As she worked I headed to my apartment and grabbed the remaining canned food I left behind. It’s weird – there is no shortage of food but somehow not taking everything with me makes me nervous. Grocery stores are open as are restaurants for take-out. But that doesn’t feel like enough.  Not to mention not wanting to actually go in to a public space to shop for it.  Eat what you have – don’t spend more than you need too and leave nothing to waste.

After raiding my cupboards I packed some clothes for the warmer weather because who knows how long this might take? I mean spring starts tonight. From there I went to my dads to load a few of his bins and coffee table (moving to Havelock end of month). Soon after the car was loaded I was on my way to pick up my mom and head home.

There is no shortage of stress and anxiety in my world (and everyone else’s). I was laid-off (as were thousands) Monday which is the first time I am not working since I was 16 years old.  I’ve always had an income coming in. And yes there is EI and that will help ease the blow as I watch my savings disappear. I’ve postponed several projects around the house – no more kitchen reno, laundry room reno and garage door reno. I’ve also stopped preparing my uncles apartment (since his traveling is on hold).

It’s amazing how quickly your world can change. From having my absolute best year in the film industry with a new job title to 3 weeks of work and being laid-off. So many people say “if I had of known I wouldn’t have…”. When Wuhan China started having its first cases of Covid-19 I was just selling my house. Upgrading to a larger property with a somewhat larger mortgage. My life was going to begin in my “Mini Mansion”.  Who knew? Fingers crossed this is resolved and life for everyone can get back to normal. Or a new normal of social distancing, being aware of every person who sneezes around you or coughs (We all know we are doing it now). How many businesses will install automatic doors and faucets? Who knows but changes will definitely be made.

I don’t know about you but the struggle is real to keep calm. With all of this happening I’ve decided to make the most of the time I have at home. I will teach myself how to make homemade breads (something I have never done before). Perhaps I will learn to use a chainsaw and do tree limb removal (lower limbs to start) in my yard to save a few bucks.  What will you do to pass your time? How are you keeping calm?

I never wanted to use this blog as a platform to do anything but have fun talking about renovations, shopping, antiques and real estate however, right now the world and everyone I know is struggling to not shed a tear for fear of losing everything, for fear of losing loved ones who will not be able to fight this virus, and for fear of being a carrier of the virus and infecting others.

The term social distancing shouldn’t be scary – rather be a reminder to give people space.  Self-isolation isn’t scary (unless you’re single HA) neither is the word quarantine – you might save someones life by doing it. Be smart, help others, wash your hands and stay safe.




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