My Country Farmhouse – How many days has it been now?…

As I sat down to write this my little guy Junior has finally decided after 24 hours to eat a meal. Yesterday his sister Chaya went in for surgery to remove a tumour and be spayed. I feel like he might be having sympathy pains – or just wants my full attention hard to tell he’s such a needy little guy… She is almost 14 years old so this surgery was a little more tough for her tiny body. Unfortunately, in the next little while she will also be booked in to have the remaining 10 teeth extracted so she can live a full happy and healthy life.  Dogs can thrive with no teeth. Look at Junior – 15 years old, no teeth, blind and deaf and he is the happiest dog I know.

On Saturday my dad moved in to his new apartment in Havelock.  The move was pretty quick about 20 minutes to offload the van and another couple hours to put most items in their places.  Over the past few days he has been hanging his art, TV and placing his furniture where he likes it to make it feel like home.  I will have some pictures in the next few days (when I go over to check on how he’s doing next).

Self- isolating hasn’t been to bad this week. I continue to do projects around the house, I finished cleaning the white siding last week in the warm weather. I’ve also hung some bird feeders and there’s a super cute bunny visiting my yard some evenings. And because the weather has been pretty nice some days the dogs and I have been out exploring our new neighbourhood.


Baking has become a regular occurrence… pretty sure I’ll be chubby going back to work haha! Apple loaves, banana breads, cinnamon buns – YUM! I’ve also been cooking all of my meals. I have not eaten out in nearly 3 weeks. And I don’t really miss it. Although, it would be nice if my dishwasher was connected and not boxed in the mudroom waiting for the kitchen renovation. The amount of dishes I do every day is CRAZY!

Here are some of my favourite things to make:

Since most of you are also self-isolating I’d like to share my super simple recipe for banana bread. It’s my favorite. Note: make sure the bananas are a bit brown before you make it – it will be a bit sweeter. Let me know how it turns out. I hope you enjoy it!


Remember you are not stuck at home – you are at home safe. Make the best of the time you have to enjoy your space. Be safe stay healthy.




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