My Country Farmhouse – Passing the Time


With all the warm weather and sun it has certainly helped curb the feeling of being locked up inside all the time. And I know there is rain in the forecast coming up but at least it’s days a way. I have spent many many many hours in the yard working on the lawn (leaf removal, digging up rocks, tree trimming, limb removal).  I’ve learned that myself and Jean (neighbour on the east side of my house) share a little garden on our property line originally set up by herself and Dianne (former owner). I think it will be coming out and we will throw down some grass seed.  I’m going to transplant what plants can be salvaged since I hate killing living things.  There are hens and chicks, low invasive shrubs, and some random flowers.

And since it’s BBQ season I’ve brought out the BBQ and set up my patio furniture.  The yard is certainly coming together.  Once I finish filling another 20 leaf bags or so the yard will look great.  While I was raking the leaves at the back of the yard in to a pile the rake hit something metal… I was pretty surprised to find buried under all the leaves another metal rake similar to the one I’m using. Glad I won’t have to buy another haha!


 And since there really are no gardens I’ve begun moving old rocks around to created little walls to outline where the gardens will eventually go.  I’ve also brought out my patio set to the porch, bench and created a little inukshuk to liven up the blank block wall. As plants begin to grow you can’t help but feel like although we are isolated at home (in my case alone) that things are coming to life.

And to kill more time the dogs and I have been spending it going for walks and seeing the neighbourhood. We’ve also met (from a distance) some of our neighbours who are super nice and welcoming.

Hope you are all enjoying some fun in the sun (or yard work – which can be fun). Stay sane, have fun, go for a walk. Stay tuned for the finished bachelor apartment in my next post. It’s super cute.



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