My Country Farmhouse – Bachelor Apartment for One


As you know I’ve been helping to get a little bachelor apartment ready for my dad.  He made the move to Havelock March 28th and has spent all his time getting his little place set up.  I helped him in finding pieces of furniture to furnish the place (on a very tiny budget) as he didn’t have much to bring from his previous apartment. I found him a bed frame $50, mattress and box spring $120, brand new pull out couch $60, table $40, bedding $90, and some every day necessities $100. This apartment is about function and livability – not glamour. This is not my usual project.

Here are the before pictures:





Since the kitchen didn’t have very much shelving my sister and I dissembled my kitchen (which will be fully renovated if we ever go back to work) to give him the old microwave shelf and 2 additional cupboards. Also for a bit more storage the purchase of a small spice cabinet $20.


I also added a medicine cabinet (free) for more storage since there was only room under the sink. I hung a new shower curtain and liner $30 and purchased some new towels $30.

Since he had a coffee table, shelf, two side tables and two dressers all I had to do was wait for moving day to get them in their spaces. My sister gave him a little microwave and 4 dining room chairs to help save on cost.

Here is the finished apartment:





Upcycled Coat hooks and shoe stand


For a grand total of $510 this little bachelor is now fully furnished with everything one can need to feel cozy at home.


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