My Country Farmhouse – Another week in the Bag

And I mean leaf bag – as of today I’ve filled up 20 bags of leaves and I still have about another 15 bags to go. Since I knew the yard needed a ton of work this year I had originally planned to have an arborist come to the property to clean it up. There are several dead trees, limbs falling and trees growing into my eaves. This would include taking approximately 8 trees down, 100 limbs down, removing unwanted shrubs and taking away all the rubbish at a cost of $1200.  Seems like a lot but there is easily a day plus worth of work.  And I can focus on all the low lying areas (gardens/yard).  Since I have no income coming in everything had to change. Now I could just leave the place as it is, it has been this way for years (what’s one more?) OR I can make a small investment and do 90% of the work myself. I made the investment and purchased a SunJoe Electric Pole Chainsaw.  It is super easy to use and only cost me $100.


Now, this machine is really great. Easy to assemble. Requires oil (thank you to my neighbour for having some on hand). It is very sturdy – not over the top heavy but has some weight to it. It extends to reach approximately 15 feet which is amazing and has an 8″ blade. Now I did have a helmet to use. The limbs are coming down over my head so I wanted to ensure my safety (I do not want to end up in the hospital). I did about 4 hours of limb clearing yesterday and have only completed a fraction of the yard. But let me just say it felt good doing all the work myself (allergies and all).

While out in the yard this week I had the pleasure of a meeting a couple of my new neighbours. On the south east corner – Alan, and on the west side of my house – Hart (Heart).  Turns out I lucked out with my neighbours – seems like once this pandemic is over the community will have a great time getting to know each other (over a few beers).

Also on my list of things to do during my time off was to complete the painting of the quarter round (shoe kick) in the dining and living room. It was added after the initial painting was done in these two rooms a couple month ago. I can happily say that I’ve completed the two rooms this week and it looks pretty darn good.

Whenever I sit on my couch I’m always a little unimpressed with the one corner in the room. I did purchase two accent chairs for the living room to create balance and extra seating however, I just wasn’t feeling it. I decided to move one chair out and add the second sewing table that I repurposed in to a desk and now I have a fully functioning mini office space. I even brought my little gold stool down from the bedroom. Have to say it just feels so right now.


This morning while I sitting on the couch I heard a noise on my porch and decided to investigate. Turns out I had some visitors who took the liberty of napping on my lawn furniture. Cats. Not one, not two but three cats. Last night they had a blast setting off my sensor lights and I guess they’ve decided that this is the place to hang out. Not to be biased but this is a pretty cool house to be around… 😛

In keeping with the past (nearly a month) I’ve continued to cook and bake. I haven’t eaten restaurant food in a month now (still kind of miss it – especially pizza mmm).  I Continue to make things I haven’t in years – chicken friend rice,  mini English muffin pizzas, mussel chowder, bacon cheese burgers and baking banana bread (for my mom and friend). My lovely friend Natasha and I did a baked good trade, her mini banana bread, handmade mask, bread and apple cake for a large banana bread and a little painting of an Emu from myself.  Sometimes you gotta change things up a little. I feel like I would definitely to it again.


I hope you are all a little inspired to get out and keep busy. Whether inside or out it always feels good to do what you can yourself. Be safe, stay healthy, and be kind.



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