My Country Farmhouse – Just over the one month mark

Well I’ve made it past the one month of self-isolation and social distancing mark. It really just feels like the 8 weeks I had off between December 13, 19 and Feb 17, 2020 when I was off between jobs on vacation. Eat a bunch, work on the house a bit, hang out outside on the nicest days and get barked at by Chaya.


This week the weather was a little less than stellar, mostly rain with super high winds. So there wasn’t much done in the yard until yesterday. I managed to clear out half the section in the yard under the pine trees and filled 4 more bags of yard waste. Now at a total of 24 bags ready to go to the dump (another 20 needed to finish they yard). Continued with the tree limb removal until the chainsaw crapped out. After some expert advice this morning (Thanks Liam) I will see if his technique to get it going again will work. Because of the huge amount of tree limbs in the yard I’ve decided to invest in having Liam out with his truck to assist with the yard clean up (because who knows how long this quarantine is going to last?) I really want a clean yard to use on the nicer days.

With the cold rainy weather I took advantage of some indoor projects.  Got another tube of caulking done, repaired a cute stained glass loon whose beak broke and hung some curtains at my dads for added privacy.

This marks 39 days since I’ve eaten at a restaurant (or taken out) so the cooking continues. I’ve changed it up a bit by making some new recipes:

I’ve done a couple paintings to kill some time as well:

One larger project (that won’t cost money) is to tackle the basement.  It is a huge open space but the dust is heavy and you can smell it as you head down the stairs. I started to sweep the larger pebbles and debris in to piles (wearing a mask and safety glasses) and took the old vinyl off the work table since it was cracked.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the work bench is underneath. During the removal process there was a newspaper between the table top and vinyl from December 12, 1973. And the news was nearly the same then as it is today (minus this pandemic). I will borrow the shop vac from my family to do a major cleaning and soon enough I will be able to turn the basement in to a great little work shop and storage area.

This past week I had one day where the news and stupidity of what is happening in the world got to me and so I’ve decided to cut the news out of my regular routine.  Saturday was the first day where I didn’t turn the news on once and I have to say my day went a lot better. I will continue to find things to do to distract me and not allow myself to dwell on the things that have the potential to make each day more difficult than it already is. I would suggest you all try to do the same. I’ve also cut back on how much time I spend on Facebook or what posts I see. My newsfeed this morning had nothing related to Covid-19 which was a little refreshing.

I think that about covers my week. I hope you are all staying positive, healthy and being kind. I will continue to post weekly for the time being. Until next weekend – be well.


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