My Country Farmhouse – And the Isolation Continues

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the Ontario Gem Series I’ve been posting. I’ve been having a great time looking for some of the most incredible places to show you. I have many more blogs already typed up to share with you in the coming days.

This week has flown by. I cannot complain however, I want nothing more than this self-isolation to end so we can go back to our new reality (so I can get used to that). I’ve continued to refrain from watching the news, this is day 9. And again it makes a world of difference cutting it out.

I’ve spent my week continuing with the usual; cooking, baking, yard work, weekly grocery shop and a couple social distant pop by’s to friends and family. I’ve made a couple new recipes. A simple blueberry lemon loaf and a garlic naan pizza with prosciutto, arugula and shaved parmesan – both delish! Spiced up the banana loaf recipe with some chocolate chips. And made an old favourite – Snickerdoodle cookies.

I’m trying my hand at growing vegetables from the stalks. Currently I have one little green onion growing. I’ve also planted tomatoes and peppers. It will (if it works) be another week until I see anything else start to grow.


I’ve began to build some above ground vegetable beds.  Once they are complete I will fill them with the appropriate soil and prepare them to plant some awesome veggies. I’m thinking tomatoes, green onions, basil, rosemary, parsley, cucumber, carrots and the peppers. Seems like a good start for my first actual veggie garden (my last was only cherry tomatoes – Chayas fave).

I’m my previous weekly post I mentioned that my new chainsaw was having electrical issues. After contacting the company that makes them they’ve offered to send me a new one and have paid for me to ship the defective one back. So that’s a win! I may get to finish the tree trimming this summer after all. I’ve filled another 6 more garden waste bags bringing my total to 30.  And I still have many more that I will need to buy to finish off the yard. At least it gives me something to do on those warm sunny days. (I have a bit of a sun burn from yesterday)

This week promises to be rainy and windy – so I’m not to sure what I’ll be working on. Just have to wait and see. I hope you have all been keeping busy, positive and kind. Keep up the isolation – soon it will be over (or will it?). haha I kid.

From my tiny family to yours – keep it up it seems to be working.





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