My Country Farmhouse – Sunday Funday Update…

What a beautiful week. The weather appears to be getting better everyday. With warmth and sunshine most days, some clouds and the occasional shower. I’ll take it. I now have green grass and flowers – yay! Spring has OFFICIALLY arrived in my books.

It has been another productive week in the yard. I’ve added soil to areas that were sunken or had holes and seeded the areas that are missing grass to even out the look of the yard. The yard clean up continues almost daily (raking leaves and sticks is ongoing).  I now have 25 bags at the curb for pick up this week and another 10 to fill.  But there are still 2 more weeks of garden waste removal coming up – so I’m in no hurry. Also — AM I THE ONLY ONE TIRED OF RAKING LEAVES????

While cleaning out under the spruce trees I came across this little treasure – cat skeletal remains. So well preserved. Almost all his bones were perfectly positioned and spine bones still attached. It was as though he fell asleep under the tree and never woke up. Not to sure what to do with it… maybe burry it somewhere nice?


I’ve finished building 4 raised garden beds using scrap wood from another project I decided not to do anymore. Can’t wait to get them filled at the end of May. And I now have 12 tomato plants and a green onion growing indoors. Progress!

Some other on-going projects include taking up the old MDF work table top from the garage work bench that was broken, made an attempt at painting my first building, and of course cooking and baking.

This coming week is suppose to be really nice out which means I will be spending most of it outdoors.  On days that I remember I will be posting some new blogs with more of the things you like. Thank you to everyone for breaking a record with number of views at 573 in two days with my Ontario Gems Part 8: Heading West. I will definitely do another in the west again since you all really liked it.

Also in the next couple of weeks I will be featuring a century home belonging to friend and colleague Glenn and his wife Kelly that was completely gutted and renovated from the bottom to the top – you won’t want to miss it. There are plenty of before and after pictures to look at as well as some awesome newspaper articles. The house is spectacular.

As always – stay safe, be kind and don’t forget to take a walk.








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