My Country Farmhouse – And now the start of week 10

Week 9 has been pretty productive. The week was mostly sunny so I was able to get a lot of exterior work done. Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on this week:

Veggie gardens: I picked up 12 massive bags of vegetable bed soil and planted zucchini, broccoli, arugula, chives, parsley, cherry tomatoes, two type of lettuce and thyme. I still have little tomatoes and peppers growing indoors that are too small to brave the elements and my good friend will be gifting me a spaghetti squash. Shown is only 3 of the 4 beds. The fourth remains empty for the tomatoes and peppers.


Some things to consider if you are doing a veggie garden; companion planting IS a thing. Certain vegetables hate growing with certain other types and some thrive if paired correctly, they need a lot space. Also, check the depth requirement of the vegetable roots. Some can grow in a 6″ bed and some need 10″ to 24″ to grow successfully. And make sure you’re ready to throw a small makeshift fence up to keep the bunnies out (and other animals).

I purchased 5 large hanging baskets to hang around the porch, Rustoleum Hunter Green spray paint which I used to paint the two black urns, planted several pansies and plants in the gardens. I’ve also had some Downey peckers, Orioles and baby grackles stop by for lunch.

I hung the roman blinds in the back room and pulled out the tacking and staples in the sub floor. Tuesday I will be going to Van Huizen flooring to pick out the flooring. It will need to be cost effective and hold up to moisture (laundry area and mudroom).

I mowed the lawn for the first time this season. It took an hour which is 20 minutes longer than my previous yard (makes sense the last yard was smaller).  The grass seed hasn’t done much so there are a lot of bare spots – better luck next year. I won’t be investing any more time or money on grass.

Over the last couple days I’ve painted the side front entrance door and balcony door in Hunter green to match the down spouts, eaves and urns and  started painting the balcony railing white. Exterior painting will be a focus for me over the next couple weeks. There are many windows and posts too sand and prep after the balcony is complete.

Well I hope you’ve all been enjoying this incredible weather and the long weekend. Hoping everyone is happy, healthy and being kind to one another. As the government relaxes a bit and begins to open up certain businesses please remember to only go out for what you need and say thank you to the employees. It will make their day a little better.


*** This is J asleep on my lap as I write this blog ***



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