My Country Farmhouse – Week 1: Exterior Work

What a perfect week to spend outdoors. It has been so hot out that I’ve even got a pretty nice sun burn (as far as sun burns go). I decided this would be the week to start the exterior work on the house.  First on my list was to paint the natural wood balcony white to match all the trim and windows on the house. It took only 7 hours over a couple days to complete. I purchased outdoor wood paint in a semi-gloss from Ronas that was regular $65 a can and when I checked out it was on sale for $55. Score! Money saved! Here is a before and after of the balcony. Once the balcony was done I went right to the window on the right, sanded and painted it. What a difference!


With the old window painted upstairs it was time to move down to the porch to sand and paint the dining room window and sill. I was also able to do one of three bay windows. Slowly the house is transforming. I’m just so motivated to see it complete.



The side entrance door has a new coat of hunter green to match the eaves and roof of the house. Which also matches the balcony door. And a fresh coat of white around the frame to brighten the entrance.


Monday May 25th I will be removing the front door and will fix the hole at the bottom by cutting a straight line from the left side to the right, inserting dowels, and glueing a new pieces of pine on. Once that is complete I will be adding a fresh coat of hunter green and white paint to freshen up the look. (Hole bottom right)


And while the door dries I will be working on sanding the 6 posts on the porch. Once that is complete I will be painting them the white and green (as seen) to liven them up.


Once all the painting is complete I will see where I am at financially and decide if replacing the wood on the porch is the right next move. It does eventually have to be done but I’m in no hurry. The current lattice will be coming off and being replaced with vertical planks and the floor boards will all be replaced. Once that is all done I will be painting the top of the porch green and the vertical slats white. I think this would tie in quite nicely with the look of the house.

(Note: the floor boards in this picture have been replaced in this section)


Hope you are all enjoying this incredible weather. Stay tuned for the progress on the exterior of the house.




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