My Country Farmhouse – Is anyone counting the weeks anymore?…

It’s week… whatever… I’ve stopped counting and am focusing on what I can accomplish each week. As usual I am working on small projects and tasks around the house. In keeping with the mostly nice weather the yard work is still #1 priority and most time consuming task of all. Secondly, the exterior painting is high on the list and lastly working on the laundry room.

Before the rain today I did a “quick” mow of the lawn (takes an hour to complete). Had a chat with my lovely neighbour and pulled a whack of prickly weeds from the garden. My veggie and herb gardens are growing so fast with the hot weather we had this past week. The arugula has been picked 3 or 4 times this week and could use another. The rest of the veggies have grown 3 – 8 inches since they were planted. I’ve also introduced cucumber to a bed and have tomato and squash still to plant.  I’m pretty excited to see how my first official veggie gardens will do this year.

Because we had a lot more rain and extreme heat this week I was really only able to finish one more post and part of another on the porch. The front door is in the midst of being repaired and I was able to remove the interior glass insert, fill, sand, and paint the wood. Once the main part of the door is fixed I will have to sand and paint it as well. This coming week there are many days of sun and less humid temperatures which means the remainder of the painting will be complete. 4 posts, 2 windows and 2 doors. I cannot wait to show you the before and after pictures.

For the laundry room I’ve booked the plumber and electrician to come in and help plan out the placement of the required water lines, drainage, wires and heaters and to get quotes for the work. Sounds easy but I don’t think it will be. The new laundry room is an add on which means there is stone and brick walls to go through. My fingers are crossed that everything will work out. Also hoping it won’t cost a fortune to get that work done. It’s all that stands between me having a spacious kitchen.

I painted the pantry cabinets a bright white and I also added some new black pulls (unused option from my former kitchen reno). And it already feels better. I also have enough to do the two upper cabinets that will eventually be over the washer and dryer and the cabinet and drawer that will be between the two machines as well. Things are coming along.


This concludes my weekly update (a day early since I will spend the entire day painting outside tomorrow). I hope you area all happy and healthy. Here’s to another week of getting things done. Feels good doesn’t it!



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