My Country Farmhouse – Strolling Havelock, Ontario

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“The region’s colonial history began with an influx of settlers after Belmont and Methuen Township was surveyed in 1823. The community of Havelock was incorporated as an independent village in 1892. Havelock was named after the British general, Sir Henry Havelock.” – Wikipedia

Population 2020: 4,530

Single detached homes: 2015

Other home styles: 150

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Tourist attractions: Belmont Lake Brewery, the Gut Conservation area, Havelock Country Jamboree, Mathison Property, Petroglyphs Provincial Park

The Station Restaurant was originally built in 1929

“In 1991, it was designated a Heritage Railway Station. The building’s architectural character of low proportions, sloping roofs, quiet skylines and sheltering overhangs echo the CPR’s standard plan for stations of importance It held a significant place in Havelock community as the first divisional point east of Toronto on the Ontario-Quebec Railway, the trunk line of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).” –

Monday morning around 6am you can hear the horns of the trains rolling in to town. And this continues through the week. The railways are still active today.

Havelock only has one set of stop lights at the intersection of Highway 7 and County Road 30.  Did you know that Highway 7 is 540km long.

Century Home styles: (strolling the neighbourhood)

Cement block homes seem to be quite common in Havelock. On my journey today I must have seen between 15 and 20 of these homes. One and two levels, plain and painted and I would imagine some of these homes may have been sided over the years.

There are many wood and vinyl sided houses here and in an assortment of colours.

There are no shortages of massive brick homes in Havelock. I would say most are in good to perfect condition with some exceptions. Bay windows, large porches, beautiful gardens, deep properties. and several with old stone retaining walls.




Century homes for sale in Havelock (to view listing of these properties please visit Don’t forget you can still negotiate pricing in small towns and have conditions. You most definitely want an inspection when buying an older home.

MLS® Number: 262342 ($260,000)

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MLS® Number: 266596 ($230,000)

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MLS® Number: 236493 ($300,000)

Well I hope you enjoyed taking this tour of Havelock, Ontario. It truly is a quaint little town.










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